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Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee

Bank acting as a guarantor of liabilities


Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee

By providing this type of service the Bank guarantees performance of your obligations, which raises the confidence of your partner for you; in case you fail to perform your obligations, "ID Bank" will pay the sum specified in the Guarantee Agreement to the beneficiary, upon its first demand. The service is provided on beneficial terms, so far as the rates for bank guarantee are much lower than the rates for loans. The guarantee provided by "ID Bank" CJSC is the insurance of successful completion of your deal.

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Bank Guarantee - Special offers
Types of guarantees
Providing guarantee, Secured with funds, Secured with other assets
Bid bond
a ) for up to 20 million Armenian drams: 0.5% lump sum, minimum 15 000 Armenian drams

1% lump sum, minimum 30 000 Armenian drams,

b) for the amount above 20 million Armenian drams: Negotiable
Other types of guarantee
a) up to 12 month maturity: 0.5% lump sum, minimum 15 000 Armenian drams

1․5% lump sum, minimum 30 000 Armenian drams,

b) above 12 month maturity: 1% annual, minimum 15,000 Armenian drams per annum

2% annually, minimum 30,000 Armenian drams per annum
Confirmation/ providing guarantee by the intermediate Bank
Amendments or cancellation of the terms of guarantee
25,000 Armenian drams.

In case of increase of the guarantee amount or extension of the guarantee validity period, an additional guarantee issuance fee shall be charged pro rata the increased amount/extended period.
Payment on demand under the guarantee
0,15% minimum 50,000 Armenian drams
Guarantees received from other banks: Advising of guarantee, including advising of each amendment of guarantee
25,000 Armenian drams
Guarantees received from other banks: Providing a guarantee for the counter guarantee of another bank
Guarantees received from other banks: Drawing a claim under the guarantee
50,000 Armenian drams
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