AMD 4.676.836 to the “Rehabilitation City of Heroes” psychological center

The “4090” Foundation was established after the 44-day Artsakh war. The purpose of the fund is to give an opportunity to get an education to the heroes of the April and 44-day wars, who, despite various obstacles, go towards their dream, becoming the builders of the future of our Motherland.

According to Irina Pahlevanyan, Director of the “4090” Foundation, the “Power of One Dram” initiative is very important for the foundation, especially at the beginning of the new academic year, as the number of beneficiaries this year has almost doubled compared to last year, and each dram now has a large meaning. In addition, so far the main sponsors of the fund have been private individuals, and this initiative is a good synthesis of cooperation, because thousands of our compatriots are behind the corporate partnership.

The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships to the defenders of the Motherland, improve their skills and training, as well as the implementation of educational programs.

According to Tatevik Vardevanyan, the head of communications unit of IDBank, today, more than ever, it is especially important to invest in education. “The activity of the “4090” fund is extremely important, because the fund provides scholarships to people who went through the war, for whom education is the key to continuing life in their homeland at this time. As you know, education is one of the key directions of “The Power of One Dram” initiative, and supporting “4090” is doubly obligatory and pleasant, because we have the opportunity to thank our heroes for linking their future with our country, despite all the difficulties. It is important that our compatriots who went through the war can get a proper education and not face any obstacles on the way,” says Tatevik Vardevanyan.

IDBank and Idram transfer one dram to “The Power of one dram” initiative every time you make a payment through the companies' platforms. Using the Idram&IDBank application, you can make payments at about 12,000 points of sale, 900 online stores, as well as for 400+ services available in the system.

The collected amount of “The Power of One Dram" exceeded 95 million drams.


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