Additional cashback with Idram Rocket Visa card
IDBank announces summer campaign: During the whole summer IDBank donates another 5% cashback while making your payments with Idram Rocket Visa card via Idram application, which means: while making a QR or NFC non-contact payment, you need to select Idram Rocket Visa card as a means for payment and receive 5% cashback from the Bank, and the Bank pays that 5%, without taking into consideration whether Idram provides cashback at the given service and shopping centre or not. Besides the fact that Idram Rocket Visa is a free of charge card, one can receive 4.5% annual interest on the positive balance of the card account. You can replenish Rocket Card completely free of charge from Idram account, IDBank accounts, any card attached to Idram wallet, terminals of two companies and at the branches of the bank,” the statement reads. It is possible to order the Rocket card online, from IDBank's new Online Banking (, Idram website, Idram mobile application, and IDBank's branches. The card will be delivered at the address preferred by the Client. Each cardholder can receive cashback up to 20,000 AMD monthly from the Bank. The cashback for the current month is paid until the 25th of the following month. The campaign will run all summer long from June 1 to August 31. For more details:․
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Information updated 10.03.2022 09:08
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