Anelik Bank launched a new service - an impersonal metal account
Anelik Bank offers customers to conduct non-cash operations with gold of 999.9-th test to take advantage of a new service - the opening and management of an impersonal metal account. This service gives customers the opportunity to turn the amount on a metal account into impersonal gold. It has a number of advantages. In particular, making a profit with increasing the value of gold, reducing the impact of currency fluctuations, the possibility of avoiding the purchase of falsified gold, the absence of possible risks of loss or damage to object gold, a significant reduction in time and fast realizability . "This option is also optimal for diversification of savings, long-term investments and additional income," the Bank said. The account is opened for free, without the requirement for a minimum account balance. Calculation and conclusion of depersonalized transactions with gold is made only on the basis of the weight of gold of 999.9-th test. Withdrawal of gold from the depersonalized account is carried out by sale at the rate established by the bank, or by transfer to a metal account in another bank.
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Information updated 10.03.2022 09:08
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