Get now, pay later, now the same price

From now on it is possible to purchase goods and services with 0% commission fee via Rocket Line digital loan of IDBank and Idram: at more than 250 points of sale you can buy now, pay later not a penny more. The actual interest rate is 0%.

Rocket Line digital loan is a preestablished limit up to AMD 10 million which is provided to the customers of IDBank and Idram. You can pay via Rocket Line in every place where it is possible to pay via Idram&IDBank - at about 5000 points of sale, in more than 600 online shops and 300+ services. And if in case of classic Rocket Line after 3 or 6 months you will pay the purchase amount and the interest rate, then in case of Rocket Line 0% you will pay only the same purchase amount after 1, 2, 3 or 6 months, depending on the terms provided by the partner. And even if the partner doesn’t provide an opportunity of paying during 6 months for 0%, anyway a lower interest rate is applied for 6 months, than in case of the classic Rocket Line.

There are no hidden fees, service fee or other commissions. Rocket Line 0% gives full freedom for shopping regardless of your account balance and provides an opportunity to use a product or service exactly at the moment when you need it, and not wait for your salary.

Rochet Line 0% is already available at more than 250 points of sale - starting from huge electronics stores to supermarkets, clothes stores and household goods: you can get acquainted to the full list here.

So, Rocket Line is a digital loan, that is:

  • Convenient and fast: doesn’t need additional documentation from the customer and seller, everything is online,
  • Can even be used to pay for everyday shopping, starting from AMD 3000,
  • There is no obligatory repayment schedule: pay during 1, 2, 3 or 6 months, whenever you wish,
  • In case of Rocket Line 0% you don’t pay interest rate, there are no hidden commissions.

You can find more information about Rocket Line here.

To use the Rocket Line digital loan or to get an individual limit, download Idram&IDBank application.
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