IDBank cards can now be activated through an ATM
Customers also have the opportunity to create a PIN code. IDBank, having announced about a new culture, besides the new types of cards, also offers new modern solutions: taking into consideration the current trends in the field of digitalization, IDBank no longer provides a PIN code together with the card. The client himself activates the card through an ATM and creates a four-digit PIN code, which, in addition to convenience, provides an even higher level of information security. After receiving the card, go through the following steps: - enter the card into the ATM - select the “Activate card” button - enter the one-time activation code for the card that you received on the phone number registered in the Bank - then create a four-digit PIN * at the request of the system Currently, the service is available at ATMs of IDBank, Ameriabank, ACBA Credit Agricole Bank, Ardshinbank and at ATMs which provide this opportunity. The Bank is constantly expanding its digital services and offers new solutions for the convenience of its customers. THE BANK IS CONTROLLED BY CBA.
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Information updated 10.03.2022 09:08
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