IDBank Celebrated World Savings Day
October 31 is the World Savings Day. With this regard IDBank took part in the conference and Savings Expo at Armenia Marriott Hotel initiated by the Central Bank of Armenia, Union of Banks of Armenia, Office of Financial System Mediator and Deposit Guarantee Fund together with the Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation.

Mr. Vardan Gevorgyan, IDBank Retail Business Director in his speech spoke about “Savings culture in Armenia”, trying to answer such questions, as “How to save?”, “What tools to be used when saving?”, etc.

IDBank represented its savings tools on the Savings Expo. The Bank’s representatives introduced savings products of IDBank to the visitors, advantages and particularities of using such products, and the visitors took part in the drawing.

A day prior to the World Savings Day IDBank welcomed participants of the Financial Tour initiated by the CBA. The Bank organized discussions and introductory tour to the units of the Bank for more than 50 participants. By estimating the necessity to increase awareness of the society on savings, participants were introduced banking saving tools, by giving the opportunity to each visitor to orient themselves in selecting the tool, most suitable for them. Participants of the financial tour received souvenirs as a memory from the Bank.
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