IDBank conducts “Build your career with IDBank” training program
In February IDBank announced the launch of the training program “Build your career with IDBank”, which would enable students, with no work experience, to spend two months at the Bank full of theoretical and practical courses, after which to join the team of IDBank. Around 100 students from the main Higher Educational Institutions applied for the program within just a few days; 40 of them passed tests and only 13 were selected. “Today, it’s a problem for any student to find a job, even for those who graduated with excellence, as in most cases employers require experience and are not always ready to help the students to start the career with them. Hence, wishing to create opportunities for young generation, IDBank decided to solve this issue at least for a group of students assisting and enabling them to attend the training program organized by the Bank and employing them at a later stage, - Sona Manucharyan, the Head of HRM Division of the Bank said. The training program launched on March 1; the training is being carried out individually and in groups, on the level of the heads of units and divisions; it includes the most important topics related with banking. The students will be able to turn the gained knowledge into practical use in the branches of the Bank. As Sona Manucharyan said, the program targeted the service and sales involved employees,– “So far as one of the strategies of the Bank is the increase of service quality and provision of individual approach to customers, and at the same time service area is the best opportunity for introduction to and understanding of the Bank, so this time we decided to choose the students, who meet the criteria necessary to work with customers and are ready to start the career from this important circuit, - Sona Manucharyan said. The students will pass one month training in the Head office of the Bank, after which, in case of passing the interview successfully, they will get acquainted with the work in the branches for a month. Hence, in two months, the best students, without previous experience will be completely ready to join the innovative team of IDBank.
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