IDBank joins the International Chamber of Commerce
IDBank is the first Armenian bank to officially join the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), becoming a member of the ICC National Committee Armenia (ICC NCA). Membership in the International Chamber of Commerce allows IDBank experts to be involved in the ICC Banking Commission and participate in the international working groups of the ICC, which formulate recommendations and advice on the best innovative banking tools and solutions. This year Armenia was represented for the first time at the ICC Banking Commission Annual Meeting devoted to the 100th anniversary of ICC, by Innesa Amirbekyan, Head of Trade Finance of IDBank and Member of the ICC Banking Commission, who acted as an observer member of the bank guarantees, digitalization and other working groups of the ICC. The event organized in Beijing brought together more than 700 delegates from 59 countries. "Cooperation with leading international experts in the frames of our membership in the ICC will allow us to develop new competitive banking products and ensure the highest level of services for our customers involved in international trade", said Sergey Virabyan, Corporate Business Director of IDBank. "We welcome IDBank as a member of the ICC National Committee Armenia. We are confident that cooperation with IDBank will contribute to enhancing professionalism of experts involved in international trade and facilitate the application of the best international practices. This, in its turn, will have a positive impact on the cooperation of banks and customers in this field " said Raffi Semerjyan, Secretary General of the ICC National Committee Armenia. About the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) The International Chamber of Commerce is the world's largest organization that promotes international trade, proper business management, creation of international business environment and communication. ICC unites hundreds of thousands of member companies in more than 130 countries and is closely cooperating with international organizations, such as UN, WTO, the World Bank, the EBRD, and acts as their consultative body representing the interests of the business community. The ICC National Committee Armenia was officially established in May 2018 and is actively participating in all initiatives of the International Chamber of Commerce.
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