IDBank received participants of Financial Tour of the CBA
IDBank participated in the financial tour devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Armenian Dram, and the 125th anniversary of the CB: more than 50 invitees attended the Head office of IDBank, where they were acquainted with the work of different units of the Bank. The participants attended seminar – discussion, at which different saving vehicles were introduced to them. IDBank offers a number of up to date savings vehicles, among which term deposits, profitability of which is comparably high, up to 9.25% for deposits denominated in Armenian drams. Savings account is a more flexible tool, at which no cash withdrawing and crediting limitations are applied: the customer can any time withdraw/credit the amount and receive up to 5% interest income annually. IDBank gives the possibility of making savings to its VISA cardholders: VISA debit cards enable the cardholders to make cash withdrawal from ATMs of ArCa member banks at no commission, as well as to receive up to 4% annual income with regard to the card balance. One of the most used savings vehicle is bond. On October 22 IDBank issued the 6th tranche of coupon bonds, which shall be allocated till December 28; the nominal value of the bonds is USD 100, and the yield is 5.25% annually. The participants of the financial tour received gifts from the Bank.
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