IDBank signed employment contracts with the participants of  the project "Build a Career with IDBank"
IDBank summed up the first phase of the "Build a Career with IDBank" project. The program allowed students with no work experience to spend two full months in the Bank, filled with theoretical and practical trainings. At present many of them are already a full member of IDBank's team. Certificates were awarded to the participants, and employment contracts were signed. The trainings were conducted at the level of the Bank's heads of departments and divisions: individually and in groups, and included most important bank-related topics. Besides, meetings were organized in the “Armenian Stock Exchange” and “C-QUADRAT Ampega Asset Management Armenia” LLC, where students gained additional knowledge about the accumulative pension system, the Armenian Stock Exchange and Depository, as well as the securities market. "The first experimental phase was so successful that we decided to continue the program and announce the launch of the second phase of the project "Build a Career with IDBank ", and at this stage we also encourage the participation of the applicants who graduated in the last 5 years, taking into consideration the fact that this way we will stimulate educational processes and the presence of qualified specialists in the labor market", said Sona Manucharyan, Head of the HRM division. The IDBank Scholarship Program is also in progress. Soon, those five happy individuals will be selected, who will get 1 million AMD scholarship to continue their education at the Master's Degree and will also be able to become IDBank's team members.
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