IDpay. The fastest and beneficial transfers from Russia to Armenia - to any Armenian bank card
It is already possible to transfer money from Russia to any Armenian bank card using the IDpay application.
Making transfers via IDpay is not only fast and convenient, but also profitable:
- The transaction fee to IDBank cards/accounts is 0.5%,
- The transaction fee to any Armenian bank card - 0.9%․
According to Felix Khachatryan, Operations Director of Universal Payment Technologies LLC (UPT LLC), as a result of cooperation with Armenian banks, the company highlights the importance of providing convenient customer service. “At first, transfers were available only to IDBank cards, but now this option is available for cardholders of all banks. The difference lies in the commission and the method of transfer. In other words, to make a transfer to IDBank's cards, you need to know the recipient's phone number linked to his account and make a transfer with a 0.5% commission. In the case of transfers to other bank cards, you must specify the recipient's card number․ Commission fee for card-to-card transfers is 0.9%," said Felix Khachatryan.
It's worth mentioning that both Armenian and Russian citizens can make transfers to IDBank customers from Russia via the IDpay mobile application. The logic is the same. You need to pass the remote identification, attach your VISA, Mastercard, or MIR system card from any Russian bank to the IDpay application, and instantly top up the recipient's account or card balance in Armenia under unprecedentedly favorable conditions.
IDBank cardholders can link the card to which they want to receive a transfer to their phone number, which will simplify the transfer process. IDBank clients can attach a card or account to their phone number at any time and change the number attached to a card or account at Idram&IDBank app “Banking” section or at platform "Accounts" section.
Similarly, transfers from Armenia to Russia can be made via the Idram&IDBank application transferring directly to IDPay account. The sender needs to enter the recipient's phone number registered in the IDpay application to make the transfer. Also, to make transfers to Russia, it is necessary to have an IDBank account in rubles, free of charge, and can be opened online, within a few seconds. The commission for money transfers from Armenia to Russia is also the most beneficial: the commission stands at 0.9%. The recipient can transfer the amount received to the IDpay wallet account to any Russian bank card and later use it as needed.

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