IT classroom is opened in Artik, under the support of IDBank
Students of Artik School N 5 shall henceforth have the opportunity to get acquainted with informational technologies. ID Bank sponsored rehabilitation of classroom, which was in a disastrous condition, the floor and lighting were completely changed, insulated glass windows were placed. The new convenient classroom was furnished with new desks and equipped with new computers, with the help of which the students of the school will get essential IT related knowledge. As an innovative bank ID Bank pays great attention to involvement of children in IT sector, as it becomes almost impossible to compete in the contemporary environment of rapidly developing digital world without indepth knowledge of IT, irrespectively of the chosen profession. As Arsen Petrosyan, the principal of the School said, the classroom has never been renovated since 1984, the date of establishment of the school, and was in a disastrous condition. “Now the students of our school will have the possibility to enjoy the renovated, convenient, technically equipped classroom and get knowledge not only in the field of IT. This IT classroom named after ID Bank is a great opportunity for the teachers and students to apply modern technologies in the overall education process, which will enable to make any educational material more attractive, interesting and impressive. We highly appreciate ID Bank for this initiative. I believe, thanks to such contributions graduates of our school will obtain essential knowledge to find their places in our rapidly developing world”. Mr. Sergey Arakelyan, graduate of Artik school N 5, who currently holds the office of Digital Banking Director of ID Bank, was also present at the classroom opening ceremony. As he said, of all social compliance initiatives ID Bank highly estimates initiatives related with the creation of new educational opportunities for children. “First, I am very happy that this school, where I studies long ago, was randomly chosen for implementation of the renovation program. As a graduate of this school I am proud with ID Bank, thanks to which this generation of students of this school will have the opportunity to get acquainted with new technologies and taught to use them to implement their goals. If we consider that the world is rapidly going towards digitalization and it is difficult nowadays to underestimate the role of informational technologies, it is natural, that ID Bank stated its willingness to establish IT classroom”, - Sergey Araelyan said, and added that this initiative of ID Bank will be continuous. Director of Digital Banking of ID Bank gave the first lesson in the newly opened computer classroom on the subject of current progress of IT development and application in educational processes. Artik school was founded in 1984, it has 26 classrooms, of which 15 are operating. The school has 300 students.
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