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Place a deposit in IDBank and earn up to 9,5% * annual rate in AMD (annual interest rate 9,9%), and up to 4.5% annual rate in USD (annual interest rate -4,6%). You can find more information about the terms of deposits in other currencies following the link.

Through the Idram&IDBank application, you can place a deposit from AMD 10,000, USD 20 and RUR 1,000 receiving even more profitable conditions: you can get an annual interest rate that is higher by 0.5 points in the case of deposits in AMD and higher by 0.25 points in the case of USD. You can get an annual interest rate higher by 0.5 points for deposits in Russian rubles if you place an online deposit for 366-730 days.

The deposit can be placed choosing a period from 31 to 1096 days based on your preferences.

Please note that the terms of the deposit have changed: the new conditions can be found here.

If you want to place funds for less than a month, a savings account is right for you.
You have an opportunity to earn more if you make contactless QR-payments through the Idram&IDBank app.

You can view the changed terms and conditions for savings accounts here.

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