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Metal Accounts

Metal Accounts

Maintain your paper gold in IDBank


Metal Accounts

Depersonalized metal accounts

Maintain your paper gold in IDBank. Depersonalized metal accounts are opened for physical entity and legal entity/PE clients.

The gold maintenance is based on gold fineness and weight. Paper gold maintained on depersonalized metal accounts is measured in grams. Metal accounts for gold can be opened only in gold of 999.9 fineness.

Free opening
And annual service at 1000 AMD only
Free statement
Account statement is provided for free
Intrabank transfers
Free from account

Special offer

Open your current bank account for a variety of transactions in different currencies. Open an account online without leaving home directly on platform or Idram&IDBank application, there is no service fee. You can also make free instant transfers from your current account to other IDBank accounts online.

Metal Accounts - Special offers
Client group
Physical and legal entity/PE clients
Account opening
Free of charge
Account reopening
Free of charge
Account annual service fee
1,000 AMD
Minimum amount of transactions through the account
Not specified
Maximum amount of transactions through the account
Conditioned by transaction requirements
Cash deposit to account
According to bank account tariffs and conditions
Types of operations through the account
Account replenishment.

Through purchase of paper gold from the Bank and depositing it into a metal account.

Through transfer of paper gold from an account of the client or other entity with the Bank or other bank.

Account withdrawal.

Through selling the paper gold available on the account to the Bank.

Through transfer of paper gold to an account of the client or other entity with the Bank or other bank
Annual nominal interest rate
0% (annual percentage yield equals to 0%)
Intrabank transfers from the account
Free of charge
Interbank transfers from the account
0.3% min 28,000 AMD (for each deposit and withdrawal).

Prior to making interbank transfers from the account, it must be agreed with the Bank in advance by presenting the requisites of the receiving party.

The Bank is entitled to reject the transfer request if the mentioned transfer is impossible to fulfil through a correspondent bank.
Account closure
Free of charge
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