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Rocket Line 0%

Rocket Line 0%

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Rocket Line 0%

What is Rocket line 0%?

Rocket Line 0% is a digital loan, an innovative tool in the field of online and contactless purchases. It allows your customers to purchase the product or service and pay later - 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months later, as desired, and allows your business to receive payment for the product or service at once, avoiding loss of time and additional costs.
Your clients can now pay for their purchases up to over 60 months. If the repayment term is 6 months or less, the loan can be repaid in full at the end of the term. If the repayment term is between 9-60 months, the loan will be repaid through the annuity method (fixed monthly payments).
In case of granting loans for a period of 39-60 months within the framework of the campaign carried out until 06/30/2024, no commission shall be charged from the Partner organization. Moreover, the terms of the campaign shall be applicable to all Partner organizations, regardless of the date of signing the cooperation agreement."
Increasing the efficiency of customer service is one of the primary goals of any business.
More than 8,500 trading points already cooperate with the Bank within the framework of Rocket Line 0%.

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Increase in sales volume and new customers
Ability to attract new customers
Quick provision of a loan
Provision of a loan within seconds
Fast service
Fast receipt of transaction amount to your bank account
Saving resources
formulating a loan without collecting documents
24/7 availability
Rocket line digital limit is available 24/7 to the buyer

Why you should cooperate with IDBank?

The joint digital platform of IDBank and Idram has more than 500,000 users who will see the offer on the Internet and mobile banking advertising platforms and become potential customers of your business.

Rocket Line 0% - Special offers
Rocket Line 0% is a digital loan that enables your business to boost sales volumes.
Rocket Line 0% gives the customer the opportunity to receive the product or service at the very moment and pay the same amount for the product later.
When shopping at a trading point, the customer simply scans the QR code using the Idram&IDBank application, and when shopping on the website, he chooses Idram as a payment option. If the trading point cooperates with the Bank within the framework of Rocket line 0%, then in addition to the "Pay now" option, the client is also offered to pay the same amount in 1 month, 2 months, 3 months and 6 months, depending on the terms of cooperation of the trading point and the Bank.
Forming and servicing a classic credit will require additional resources from your company, and after the credit is issued, it takes a considerable amount of time before the money is deposited to your account. While, in the case of Rocket line 0% digital loan, the amount is deposited into your account immediately after payment, without wasting time.
Rocket Line 0% provides an increase in sales volume. When a customer delays a purchase, the likelihood of ever making the purchase decreases. And with the Rocket Line limit, the buyer can afford to make the purchase at the very moment without procrastinating it, because even after 1, 2, 3 or 6 months he/she will pay the same amount as now.
The customer does not fill out applications, does not sign paper contracts and other documents, so there is no need for an employee to formulate a loan at the trading point, conduct and maintain documents. The entire process of formulating a loan is carried out by the customer with his/her smartphone in a matter of seconds, and the business saves time and resources.
Simply fill in the contact person's details using the following link. After receiving the application, the individual manager will contact you, answer all your questions and process the application. Or simply visit any branch of the Bank and fill out the application form.
In the case of repayment of the loan with the annuity option, the customer/buyer makes equal repayments in accordance with the repayment schedule provided. Loans with terms of up to 6 months, inclusive, are repaid at the end of the period  and in the case of loans with a term of 9 to 36 months, in the form of annuity repayment.
Digital installment loan on the spot via the Idram&IDBank application
Saving resources
Potential for sales volume growth

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