Business mortgage

Starting at 8.5%Interest rate
24-180 monthsRepayment term
Starting at 10,000,000 ֏ Loan amount

Large, Small and Medium, Micro loans

Starting at 7%Interest rate
Up to 60 monthsRepayment term
Starting at 5,000,000 ֏Loan amount


Starting at 8%Interest rate
Up to 12 monthsRepayment term
Starting at 10,000,000 ֏ Loan amount

ID-EIB-III Project

8% - 9.5%Interest rate
Up to 90 monthsRepayment term
5,000,001 ֏-500,000,000 ֏Loan amount


Starting at 13.92% Interest rate
Up to 12 monthsRepayment term
Not specifiedLoan amount

Credit line

Starting at 10․69%Interest rate
Up to 36 monthsRepayment term
3,000,000 ֏ - 250,000,000 ֏Loan amount

Variable – rate loans in US dollars

Starting at 6.9%Interest rate
14-1095 daysRepayment term
Starting at 50,000 $Loan amount

Energy loan

Starting at 8.89%Interest rate
12-60 monthsRepayment term
5,000,000 ֏-500,000,000 ֏Loan amount

AMD loans at floating interest rate

Starting at IBRR + 0.5%Interest rate
1-60 monthsRepayment term
Starting at 50,000,000 ֏Loan amount

Cash collateral loans

Starting at 3.04%Interest rate
Up to 36 months or deposit term Repayment term
Starting at 100,000 ֏Loan amount

Business loan campaign

from 5․5%Interest rate
up to 60 monthsRepayment term
Starting from 20,000,000 AMD equivalent of US dollarsAmount

Business Rocket loan

From 19.9%Interest rate
Up to 60 monthsRepayment term
100,000 ֏ - 10,000,000 ֏Loan amount

“IDBusiness Shoppy” Overdraft

500.000 - 50.000.000 AMDAmount
6-36 monthsRepayment Term

Package “IDBusiness Shoppy”

Up to 50.000.000 AMDOverdraft amount
Free Mobile/Online BankingIDBusiness Online Platforms

Bank Guarantee

starting at 0.5%Interest rate
12-36 monthsRepayment term
Bank acting as a guarantor of liabilities

Documentary Credit

0.15%, minimum 40,000Interest rate
is not restrictedRepayment term
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