Receive loans with EIAA insurance for pre-export funding

֏ , $
Interest rate
Starting at 8%
Repayment term
Up to 12 months
Loan amount
Starting at 10,000,000 ֏



EIAA loans

Receive loans with insurance from Export Insurance Agency of Armenia for pre-export financing.

The loans are provided based on the Bank's internal classification standards to RA resident legal entities or Private entrepreneurs engaged in production or rendering of services subject to export meeting the Large and SME class requirements.


Currency selection
The loan product is available in AMD and USD
High limit
In the amount of funds subject to EIAA insurance
Low interest rate
Starting as low as 8%

Compare products

The loan product is available in AMD and USD
Starting as low as 8%
The loan product is available in AMD and USD
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The loan product is available in AMD and USD
Starting as low as 8.5%
Maximum 180 months
Further saving - Saving due to energy-efficient system
Starting as low as 8.5%
Low Commission fee - Starting as low as 0.5%
No monthly service fee is charged
Starting at 13% annual interest rate
The loan product is available in AMD and USD

Special offer

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Get loans on favorable terms to make your business more efficient and profitable. Loans are provided in AMD and foreign currency, starting from 7% annual interest rate.

EIAA - Special offers
Purpose of the loan
Financing of purchase of goods and/or services (purchase of primary products, materials, packaging costs, shipment, customs costs) for the execution of export agreement
RA resident legal entity or private entrepreneur that meets the criteria of Large and SME classification as internally established by the Bank, who deals with manufacture of products for export or provision of services.
Minimum maturity
1 months
Maximum maturity
12 months
Loan amount
Minimum: 10,000,000 AMD / 20,000 USD.

Maximum: In the amount of insurance settled by the EIAA
Annual interest rate
AMD: From 11% / USD: From 8 %
Loan application processing fee
Upfront fee
For pre-export finance - according to the insurance terms of EIAA, depending on the terms of the loan
Grace period for the repayment of principal loan amount
shall be provided on the basis of the customer's terms of payment under supply agreement
Principal and interest repayment
Interest repayment is on monthly basis
Minimum business duration (uninterrupted)
12 months
Opening/maintenance of bank account
According to the tariffs
Loan withdrawing
The loan is provided in non -cash form (use of loan facilities in cash is not permitted unless otherwise is provided under the EIAA Policy)
Eligible age criteria for the borrower/guarantor
The age of persons with the status of private entrepreneur, physical persons should be less than 70 at the maturity date of the loan
Requirements to the credit history of the Borrower (including the parties holding 10% and more in the charter capital of the latter) and the guarantor
1. No past due /classified liabilities as of the date of receiving the loan

2. Good or neutral credit history acceptable by the Bank according to the internal legal acts of the Bank

3. Upon the decision of the Bank's competent authority the Bank may raise demands to the credit history of other participants and the persons closely related with the borrower
Acceptable means of security
1. Guarantees of the head of executive body of the Borrower and the shareholders (participants) with significant participation (holding 10% and more participation) (legal and physical persons affiliated with them),

2.Shares (stock) of the borrower or legal entity affiliated with the latter,

3. Other means of security provided by the Credit risk management policy
As required by EIAA
Loan to collateral ratio
Shall be established by the Risk management Policy. Loan to collateral ratio shall be based on the appraised liquid value of the collateral.
Fine, penalty
L:ate principal payment penalty 0.1% daily.

L:ate interest payment penalty 0.1% daily.

No penalty is provided for early repayment
Where to apply
All branches of the Bank
Maximum term of making decision
15 business days after submitting all required documents to the Bank
Term of giving notice to the customer
1 business day
Validity term of decision
30 business days
Term of re-approval of the decision
Maximum once, within 10 business days after expiration of the validity period under the terms and conditions applicable as of the date of re-approval
Term for providing the loan
According to the procedure on execution of financial operations
Information regarding credit history and credit score
You can learn about the importance of credit history and credit score here․

Details via abcfinance.am and acra.am links.
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