Visa Platinum Business

Have a business? We have the solution!

Visa Platinum Business
Card currency
֏, $, €, ₽
Annual service fee
60,000 ֏ / 100,000 ֏
Card issue


Visa Platinum Business

Visa Platinum Business

Visa Platinum Business premium card is full of privileges: travel insurance, entry to Lounges, expense management and control solutions, exclusive discounts, special offers and discounts from Visa and partners.

An integral part of your journeys and business trips!

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Make use of the first-ever personalized banking concierge service in Armenia - IDBank Concierge! Your personal chat assistant in Telegram is ready to answer all your questions! 


Benefits of Visa for Your Business

Lounge Key
Wait for your flight in an improved setting
Concierge Service
Contact your 24/7 online chat consultant with any questions
Fast Track
Go through passport control with no queues and personalized assistance
Personal manager
Your manager knows your preferences and will deliver a personalized service
An insured business
Get compensation for non-business expenses made with the card

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Card currency
֏, $, €, ₽

50,000 ֏

10,000 ֏

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Visa Platinum Business
Visa Platinum Business
International travel insurance
Privileged service in Privilege Banking, which is the only one in the region
Business insurance against non-targeted expenses via the card
Free entrance to 1200 airport lounges twice a year
Visa offers many discounts all over the world
International concierge service
Visa Luxury Hotel Collection - Privileged service in partner hotels
Visa Business Plus

Special offer

IDBusiness app

Make all transfers and payments, manage accounts via IDBusiness mobile application. Track transaction history with 24/7 access from anywhere. Connection of IDBusiness and IDBanking system, application download and activation is free of charge.

Visa Platinum Business - Special offers
Card currency
Card issuance within 2-5 banking days
Free of charge
Card expiry date
5 years
Urgent card issuance within one banking day
AMD 10,000
Card account opening
Free of charge
Annual card account maintenance fee*
For RA Residents-AMD 60,000

For Non-residents of RA-AMD 100,000
Monthly card account maintenance fee*
For RA Residents-AMD 6,000

For Non-residents of RA-AMD 10,000
Minimum balance on the card account
Not defined
Interest rate calculated on the positive balance of the card account
Annual simple interest rate: 0%

Annual percentage yield: 0%
Issuance of the attached card (AMD)
For RA Residents-free of charge

For Non-residents of RA-AMD 20,000
Annual Service Fee for attached card (AMD)
For RA Residents-AMD 3,000

For Non-residents of RA- AMD 10,000
Card blocking
Free of charge
Card unblocking
Free of charge
Card re-issue in case of expired card
Free of charge
Recovery of PIN code
Free of charge
Issuance of a copy of the card in case of damage, unusability, loss / theft of the card or PIN-code (for the same card validity period) (AMD)
AMD 10,000
Entering the card into the international STOP-list (for 7 days in one region) (AMD)
Export of the card from international STOP list
Free of charge
Activation of SMS notification service
Free of charge
Fee per SMS notification
AMD 15
Review of daily withdrawal limit and/or daily number of transactions for 24 hours
Free of charge
Review of daily withdrawal limit and/or daily number of transactions for unlimited period of time
For RA Residents- AMD 1,000

For Non-residents of RA- 5,000 AMD
Closing card account and card return
Free of charge
Card and PIN delivery fee
5000 AMD for each envelope to be sent
Commission for withdrawing cash from the Bank's ATMs
For RA Residents- from dram cards-0.2%, for foreign currency cards-0.5%

For Non-residents of RA- 2,5%
Commission for cash withdrawal from the Bank's cash points (POS terminal) and from a card account without the use of a card (Cash disbursement/withdrawal from the account)
Cash withdrawal from ATMs and cash points of other banks of ArCa system
For RA Residents- 1%

For Non-residents of RA- 2.5%
Cash withdrawal from ATMs and cash points of non-member banks of ArCa system and foreign banks
For RA Residents- 1.5%, AMD 1,500

For Non-residents of RA- 3.5%, minimum AMD 5,000
Commission for transfers from the Bank's card to the cards of banks that are members of ArCa system, through ATMs, website
For RA Residents- 0.5%

For Non-residents of RA- 2.5%
Daily cash withdrawal limit
AMD: 5,000,000

USD: 10,000

EUR: 10,000

RUB: 600,000
Daily number of cash transactions

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Tariffs valid from 26.04.23-29.05.23
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Free entrance to lounges in over 1200 airports around the world
Concierge service
Fast track service

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