Credit line

Credit line

Use the credit line provided for business purposes

֏ , $
Interest rate
Starting at 10․69%
Repayment term
Up to 36 months
Loan amount
3,000,000 ֏ - 250,000,000 ֏


Credit line

Credit lines for businesses

Receive the money you need to cover your working capital and fixed assets needs on favorable terms through IDBank's small and medium business credit lines.

The purpose of the loan is to acquire working capital for legal entities, private entrepreneurs and physical entities engaged in agricultural activities, financing of accounts payable, acquisition of fixed assets.


High limit
Up to AMD 250 000 or USD 500 000
Low Commission fee
Starting as low as 0.5%
Low interest rate
Starting as low as 8.9%

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Credit line
Credit line
Up to AMD 250 000 or USD 500 000
Low interest rate - Starting as low as 8.9%
Low Commission fee - Starting as low as 0.5%
Energy loan
Business mortgage
Further saving - Saving due to energy-efficient system
Starting as low as 8.5%
Low Commission fee - Starting as low as 0.5%
The loan product is available in AMD and USD
Starting as low as 8%
The loan product is available in AMD and USD
The loan product is available in AMD and USD
Starting as low as 8.5%
Maximum 180 months

Special offer

Package "IDBusiness Shoppy Overdraft"

Accept non-contact payments through Idram system and use the privileged overdraft package. Get an overdraft of up to AMD 50,000,000, as well as a Visa Business payment card with one year of free service, a free AMD account and much more.

Credit line - Special offers
Purpose of credit line
Acquisition of working capital, financing of accounts payable, acquisition of fixed assets by legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, residents

non-residents of the RA, as well as individuals, residents

non-residents of the RA, who are engaged in agriculture
Type of credit line
Revolving or non-revolving credit line
Customer class
micro, small/medium, large
Minimum amount
micro: 5,000,000 AMD 10,000 USD,

small/medium: 5,000,000 AMD 10,000 USD,

large: 5,000,000 AMD 10,000 USD
Maximum amount
micro: 25,000,000 AMD 50,000 USD,

small/medium: 25,000,000 AMD 50,000 USD,

large: according to internal regulations
Minimum maturity
12 months
Maximum maturity
36 months
Annual interest rate
micro: AMD: from 14% USD: from 12%,

small/medium: AMD: from 11.5% USD: from 10%,

large: AMD: from 11% USD: from 8%
Annual actual rate
micro: AMD: from 15.18% USD: from 12.92%,

small/medium: AMD: from 12.36% USD: from 10.69%,

large: -
Loan application processing fee
Up-front fee
0.5-1 % of the credit line amount, but no less than 50,000 AMD, single payment
Monthly service fee
Repayment of used principal amount of the credit line and the interest amount
1. For credit line provided to the bank account: repayment of the used part of the credit line can be made monthly, quarterly or on semiannual basis, at the maturity or other frequency
Annual interest rate calculated to undrawn part of the credit line
Up to 2%
Minimum term of business history (uninterrupted)
12 month
Opening/maintenance of bank account
According to tariffs
How the credit line is provided 1. non-cash, through transferring on bank account according to the applicable rates
withdrawal of the facilities from the bank account is according to applicable tariffs.

2. through transferring to visa business payment card, according to applicable tariffs.
Eligible age
Age of physical persons and persons having the status of private entrepreneurs must not exceed 70 at the maturity
Requirements to the credit history of the borrower (including persons owning 10 % and more in the charter capital thereof) / guarantor
1. No overdue/classified obligations as of the date of loan,

2. Good or neutral credit history acceptable by the Bank, according to internal legal acts of the Bank,

3. Competent authorities of the Bank may decide to make requirements to other participants, as well as persons closely related with the borrower
Acceptable means of security/Pledge
• Real estate,

• Fixed assets/equipment, techniques, other property,

• Vehicles,

• Working assets,

• Right of receivables,

• Financial flows,

• Guarantees, warranties,

• Monetary means,

• Precious metals (goods),

• Shares,

• Securities,

• Right to collateral,

• Other property not prohibited by the RA legislation or property right
Credit line limit/collateral ratio
By decision of the competent authority of the Bank, the maximum rate is 50-100%, depending on the type of collateral (in the case of loans secured by collateral). By decision of the competent authority of the Bank, a loan can be provided without collateral or simultaneously with other collateral (guarantee, financial flows, property rights, etc.).
Insurance of subject of collateral
Under the decision of the competent authority of the Bank, collateral insurance may be required based on the loan balance or the estimated market / realizable value of the property.
Fine, penalty
Fine for overdue credit line amount -0.1% daily.

Fine for overdue interest amount - 0.1% daily.

No penalty is imposed for early termination of the credit line agreement in case of credit lines up to AMD 5,000,000 or the equivalent in foreign currency (except for large class clients).

In other cases, 3% of the early repayment amount may be charged.
Where to apply
Bank’s branches, Head office
Signing the main loan agreement
At the request of the client, a main loan agreement can be concluded with him for a period of up to 240 months.
Provision factors
1) Positive credit history,

2) Stable cash flows,

3) Compliance of the collateral with the requirements of the Bank,

4) Good reputation,

5) Other factors
Rejection factors
1) Negative credit history,

2) Insufficient financial situation,

3) Non-compliance of the collateral with the requirements of the Bank,

4) Providing false or inaccurate information,

5) Providing information that calls into question the return of the loan,

6) Other factors
Maximum term of making decision
Up to 15 business days after submitting full pack of required documents
Validity term of the decision
30 days
Terms of re-approval
Maximum once, within 10 business days after expiration of the term of decision, under terms of crediting applicable as of the date of re-approval
Term of providing credit line
Maximum 3 business days after the submission of the decision on the provision of a credit line and the provision of the right of pledge after registration, if the client has not expressed a desire to receive a loan later, observing the period specified in clause 29.
Required documents
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Interest rate starting at 8.9%
Loan amount till 250,000,000 ֏

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