Documentary Credit

Documentary Credit

For entities engaged in international trade

֏, $, ₽, €
Interest rate
0.15%, minimum 40,000
Repayment term
is not restricted


Documentary Credit

Documentary letter of Credit

Easily overcome the obstacles in international trade with the help of IDBank. The Bank will help you to establish and develop new trade relations.

If you are engaged in international trade (import/export), you are concerned about the risks, you lack financial means required for the transaction, then this service is just for you.  

A documentary letter of credit is reasonable when the buyer and the seller do not know each other and the seller is not confident about the buyer's ability to pay, and the buyer in its turn is not confident that the seller will deliver the goods.

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Documentary Credit - Special offers
Issue of the letter of credit
0.15%, minimum: 40,000 AMD
Confirmation of the letter of credit by other bank
Without discrepancies
25,000 AMD, for each file of documents
With discrepancies/ to be charged from the beneficiary
50,000 AMD, for each file of documents
Payment on the LC

minimum: 6,000 AMD,

maximum: 45,000 AMD
Amendment of terms, including cancellation
25,000 AMD. In case of increase of LC amount,

an additional LC issuance fee shall be charged without application of the minimum rate
Advising of LC or advising of amendment of LC
25,000 AMD
Confirmation of letter of Credit issued by other bank
Acceptance, examination and delivery of documents
30,000 AMD
Execution (payment, acceptance and negotiation) of the issued LC
0.2%, minimum: 50,000 AMD

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