Payment Instruments
POS terminals

POS terminals

The POS terminal is the most popular tool in the world for accepting payments by bank cards.
Install IDBank Pos terminals and accept card payments quickly and on favorable terms.


POS terminals

POS terminals

The bank provides mobile POS terminals and also provides POS terminal activation service on the cash register device. Install POS terminals and give your business the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits:

•    Free choice of payment acceptance option
•    Increase in turnover volume
•    Improving the quality of service
•    Ability to easily manage finances


Supported card types
POS terminals of the bank support "ArCa", "Mastercard", "Mir" and "Visa" card types.
Competitive and flexible rates
The bank offers competitive and flexible rates designed specifically for your business.
Safety and security
new technologies and equipment are used in accordance with international safety standards.
Advanced technology
POS terminals provided by the bank are provided with GPRS connection
Urgent Installation
The Bank carries out urgent installation of the POS terminal within 2 working days
Free management of funds
Manage your accepted payment amounts freely with IDBusiness and IDBusiness Mobile applications
Service fee
In case of ensuring the average monthly turnover volume defined by the contract, there is no service fee
POS terminal usage guide
3.40 MB
Cash register guide
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Simply fill in the contact person's information using the following link. After receiving the application, the individual manager will contact you, answer all your questions and process the application. Or simply visit any branch of the Bank and fill out the application form.
The standard POS terminal installation process usually takes up to 5 (five) working days. However, there is also a possibility of urgent installation.
The bank provides a guide for the use of the POS terminal, and also provides training after the installation of the POS terminal, introducing all the rules of operation. The bank also provides card service manual and logos of cards serviced by the POS terminal.
POS-terminals are connected through a mobile connection, the costs of which are covered by the Bank, or through a Wi-Fi connection working in the territory of the trading point.
Copies of card transaction receipts (slips) must be kept for 3 (three) years from the date of transaction.

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