IDBank Scholarship will be established had an interview with Sona Manucharyan, the Head of IDBank's HRM Division, about current and future offers of the Bank in the labor market and opportunities given to the students.

-Last year, the Bank carried out rebranding, to what extent has this process reflected the transformation of the Bank as an employer?
-One of IDBank's goals is to be the best employer as the best innovative bank. Rebranding has transformed the Bank not only from the outside, not only improved the quality of service, not only the path of digitalization was chosen, but also the importance of acting as the best employer was emphasized.
One of the 5 values of the Bank is teamwork. We attach importance to the harmonious cooperation between our employees for the overall result, in particular, high motivation and satisfaction of employees is a priority for the Bank, so the Bank is working in that direction every day, further strengthening its position as the best employer with a solid corporate culture and stable values.

-What do you think are the main features of the best employer?
-There are a number of written and unwritten laws for the best employer, in the presence of which employees will love and speak only well about the employer. The key to success for the employer is when all its employees become its ambassadors, spreading the organization's culture and values wherever they are.
As the Head of the HRM Division, it is important for me that the best employer will always be able to evaluate his employee in a non-material way along with the material one, to encourage teamwork and individual work carried out, at the same time giving opportunity for growth and development.
IDBank has chosen this model on its way to become the best employer. Inner progress is important for the Bank, there are always broad opportunities for growth. The Bank creates good prerequisites to provide professional growth of employees, in particular for education, for receiving professional international qualifications, and participation in various training programs both in Armenia and abroad.
It is important for the Bank to have a good package of privileges, for example, the Bank, emphasizing the importance of its employees’ health, has established a rather wide and competitive health insurance package, on the other hand, we also highlight healthy lifestyle, providing staff members with sports clubs membership on privileged conditions, encourages team events and harmonious internal communication and work between employees. We try to make every working day interesting and memorable.

-What offers are currently made by the Bank at the Labor Market?
-Taking into consideration the road of digitalization chosen by IDBank, along with classic bank positions, we have already attracted and continue to attract specialists of IT sector. Soon, we will have more news for professionals in this area.
The Bank attaches great importance to the educational processes not only for current employees. We are always open for cooperation with new graduates and encourage the involvement of beginner specialists in a number of positions. A wonderful example is the project "Build a career with IDBank", which will surely have a continuous nature.

-You mentioned "Build a career with IDBank" project. Will you give some details about this program and how active were the participants?
-The majority of today's labor market employers expect their future employees to be experienced. In fact, artificially a lot of intelligent new graduates with a great potential are deprived of the opportunity to acquire that experience.
Today, finding a job is a challenge for any student. Unfortunately, even after graduating with honors, students may not have the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in practice for years. Therefore, IDBank decided to solve this problem at least for a group of students and enable them to study and then work at the Bank. A few days after the start of the project, we had about 100 student-applicants, which once again emphasized the importance of this project. We already have 13 selected students, instead of the planned 10, who will be able to join us as full members of our team after about 2 months of theoretical and practical trainings.
This is just one of the projects aimed at education and provision of experience for students, and very soon we will initiate a more interesting project that will aim at providing financial support to students and again giving them a chance for practical training. It's about giving IDBank scholarship to students with excellent progress.

-In case of “IDBank scholarship” program, what are the targeted educational institutions and what opportunity does it give to students?
-As I have already mentioned, promoting education is important for the Bank. However, the Bank, as a socially responsible structure, also realizes that there are students who cannot continue their education based on social conditions. Therefore, through this project we will try to give students the opportunity to continue their studies for the Master's Degree program with IDBank Scholarship. Establishing scholarship for students is an internationally recognized tradition, but there is still a need to create such culture in Armenia. The Bank has established certain criteria in accordance with which the best students selected will receive not only IDBank Scholarships and will continue their education in Master's Degree program, but will also participate in a number of trainings, practical and theoretical seminars organized by the Bank's managers, receiving practical knowledge. In addition to solving social issues in this way, the Bank has a desire to deal with the best students, also offering them a career prospect.
Taking into account IDBank's direction, I can say that targeted educational institutions should have specialization in economics, mathematics and information technology.
I am confident that we will create another great opportunity for students and soon we will announce the launch of the project providing additional information.
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