Gift Card

Give your close one the freedom to choose the best gift

Gift Card
Card currency
Annual service fee
Free of charge
Validity term
6 months


Gift Card

"Yerevan Mall" gift card

Ideal is the gift which the receiver chooses by himself. Give your close ones the freedom to choose the best gift with "Yerevan Mall" gift card.
The gift card is provided without any additional fee: you only spend the amount that you give as a gift. "Yerevan Mall" gift card is provided on the spot. The receiver can spend the amount on the gift card in trade spots of Yerevan Mall.
Give warmth and become the carrier of the new card culture. Let the gift be to the taste of the receiver.

The advantages of your card

Free service
The card is provided and served free of charge
Freedom of choice
With the gift card you give freedom of choice of Yerevan Mall stores.
Instant issuance
The card is provided on the spot.

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Gift Card - Special offers
Currency of the card
Card validity term
6 months
Annual card account service fee
Annual interest rate accrued on positive balance of the card account
Annual simple interest rate: 0%

Annual percentage yield: 0%
Card reissuance in case of expired cards
Cannot be reissued
Card blocking
Card unblocking
Provision of monthly card account statement in the Bank or by mail, e-mail
Additional provision of card account statement in the Bank or by mail1, e-mail
1,000 AMD
Fee per each SMS
AMD 15
Card account replenishment
Possibility to withdraw cash from card account
Without the possibility of cash withdrawals
Commission for non-cash transactions through the card
Closure of card account and return of card

Tariff archive

Tariffs effective from 07/03/22
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Tariffs effective from 23/12/21
229.67 KB
Rules valid from 01.12.22-31.08.23
341.09 KB
Gift Card required documents
71.06 KB
Yes, it is possible. Funds can be deposited to the Gift Card through a payment terminal, IDBank's branch, any bank by means of interbank transfer or card to card transfer service. In case of depositing money in the mentioned way a service fee can be charged.
Everyone irrespective of the citizenship. can buy the gift card.
Citizens of Republic of Armenia, Russian Federation, USA, Georgia and European countries can use the gift card (receive the PIN code).
To get the gift card you should approach Yerevan Mall's information desk, present a passport, PSN and sign an application-agreement on obtaining a gift card. After that the Buyer should deposit the amount the latter wants to present to the Beneficiary (Recipient of the Gift) as a gift through the payment terminal located at Yerevan Mall's information desk.
In order to shop with the gift card you should approach Yerevan Mall's information desk with an identity document (passport of ID card) and a PSN and receive the PIN code for the Gift card.
After receiving the PIN code you can check the balance  on the card (the amount received as a gift) through an ATM of any bank, as well as make non-cash payments in Yerevan Mall's trade and entertainment service points.
After the expiration of the term of operation printed on the card the Gift Card is not subject to reissuance. The card operation term cannot be extended. After the end of the term the amount available on the card cannot be recovered.
No cash withdrawal is possible from the Gift Card and the card balance cannot be transferred in any other way. It can be used only by making payments in trade and entertainment service points of Yerevan Mall.
Notification of transactions on IDBank cards is possible in two ways:
- Free PUSH-notifications directly through the Idram&IDBank app
- paid SMS
The cost of SMS is AMD 15. Inside the application, it is possible to independently define the minimum limit of transactions for which notifications will be sent.
Yerevan Mall's gift card is an ArCa cobranding card issued within the scope of Yerevan Mall's and IDBank's cooperation which is intended for presenting to a third party as a gift. It can be used for making non-cash payments in trade and entertainment service points operating on the territory of Yerevan Mall. The details on other terms of the card can be found here.
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