Salary package IDsalary

You choose where to receive your salary from

Salary package IDsalary
Card currency
Credit/Credit Line
14% - 16%
Safe box
20% discount


Salary package IDsalary

IDSALARY salary package

Receive your salary through IDBank and use the preferential terms of IDsalary  package. Receive the Mastercard Standard card free of charge or the Visa Gold premium class card at 50% discount. Salary packages enable you to use the Rocket Line digital installment plan as well as receive more preferential terms for mortgage and other loans.

The advantages of your card

Beneficial mortgage loans
With this package you can receive your mortgage loan at -0,25% interest rate.
Deposit box rental
Within the scopes of the package you can rent the Bank's deposit boxes at 20% discount
Free cash withdrawal
Cash withdrawal from IDBank's ATMs and encashment points is free of charge.
Loans at preferential terms
Receive loans and credit lines at a lower interest rate
Mastercard Standard or Visa Gold
Receive Mastercard for free or Visa Gold at just 2,000֏
Opportunity to order online
Order the card by simply completing the online application

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Idram Rocket Visa
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Free delivery
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Up to 1% cashback
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Free service
The card is provided and served free of charge

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Visa Gold debit
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Free cash withdrawal
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Free attached card
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Visa cards are accepted practically throughout the world

Special offer

Rocket Line and Rocket Line 0%

Enjoy Rocket Line digital credit now, pay later, without a clear schedule. Rocket Line is a pre-approved limit - maximum 10,000,000 AMD, which you can use for non-cash payments. Your credit obligation will be in the amount used only, starting from the time you began to use the money. Rocket Line is available for Idram&IDBank Premium Plus users who have synchronized Idram and IDBank accounts. See your limit in, Idram&IDBank application or website. You can use Rocket Line 0% when making payment with hundreds of partners, without any interest rate or additional payment.

Salary package IDsalary - Special offers
Types of cards provided within the package
Mastercard Standard

Visa Gold
Annual card account service fee
1) Mastercard Standard ? free of charge,

2) Visa Gold ? 2 ,000 AMD Annual
Commission fee for cash withdrawal from ATMs of the Bank
1) Mastercard Standard ? 0%,

2) Visa Gold ? 0%
Commission fee for cash withdrawal from ATMs of other banks of ArCa system:
1) Mastercard Standard ? 1%,

2) Visa Gold ? 1%
Annual service fee for the 2nd card account in foreign currency:
50% discount from the annual fee for servicing Visa Gold or Mastercard Standard card accounts operating in the Bank. Other terms of card account provision and service are defined in accordance with the information bulletins of Visa Gold or Mastercard Standard cards.
Additional provision of card account statement at the Bank, by mail or by email:
Free of charge
Visa Signature card account annual service fee:
50% discount from the annual fee for Visa Signature debit or credit card account service at the Bank. The decision to issue a card under these conditions shall be made by the Bank. Other terms of card account provision and service are defined in accordance with Visa Signature debit or credit cards information bulletins.
Other conditions:
Depending on the type of card, operating in the Bank, respectively, 1. According to information bulletin of debit payment cards,

2. According to information bulletin of credit payment cards,

3. According to information bulletin of Mastercard payment cards.
Annual nominal interest rate:
14% - 16%. In case the client is an: 1. Employee of an organization operating in the field of information technologies,

2 . Employee of a public organization,

3. Employee of an entity included in the list of 1 to 500 (inclusive) large taxpayer organizations.

15% -16% in case the client is not an employee of the above areas
Annual actual interest rate:
14.93% - 17.67% / 16?08% -17.67%
Other conditions:
According to the Bank?s information bulletin on 'Profi' loan provision terms and conditions.
Rental fee:
20% discount according to Deposit box rental terms and conditions.
Other conditions:
According to Deposit box rental terms and conditions.
Online/Mobile banking:
Free of charge
Up to 11x the net salary, maximum AMD 10,000,000.
Terms and conditions:
According to the information bulletin ROCKET LINE loan/credit line limits
Conditions for provision of IDSALARY package
The package is provided to individual customers who plan to receive/receiving their salary through the Bank, regardless of the existence of a cooperation agreement with the employer.

Receiving a net salary of AMD 200,000 per quarter through the Bank is considered to be the minimum salary to use the package.
IDSALARY package connection fee:
Free of charge
Package monthly service fee:
Free of charge

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