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Saving account

Saving account

Open a saving account with up to 2,00% income with a few clicks

Annual Yield
Up to 2․00 %
Term of operation
Account opening
Free of charge for online


Saving account

Saving account

Open a savings account online or by visiting a branch. Earn up to 2% income per annum with the opportunity to add or withdraw at any time. The interest rate is provided by calculating the positive balance of each day. Use online platform or Idram&IDBank application and make instant transfers between IDBank accounts. When making payments through Idram&IDBank, you can choose the savings account as a source of payment.


Choice of currency
The account is available in AMD and foreign currency
Free opening
If applied online
Free statement
Account statement is provided for free
Free transfers
between IDBank account for online
The account is opened for an unlimited term

Special offer

Enjoy Rocket Line digital loan of up to 10 million AMD through Idram&IDBank app or platform. Get now, pay over 60 months. Moreover, you can use Rocket Line 0% when making payment with hundreds of partners, with an actual interest rate of 0% and without additional fees.

Saving account - Special offers
Client group
Physical entities
For physical entities holding an account with the Bank
Free of charge
For physical entities who do not hold an account with the Bank
2,000 AMD
Online account opening
Free of charge
Account currency
Minimum amount of account replenishment
Not specified
Minimum amount of transactions through the account
Not specified
Cash deposit/withdrawal from the account
According to bank account tariffs and conditions
Types of possible operations through the account
Account replenishment, Cash deposit, Transfers from other accounts, including online transfers, Through bank transfers, Withdrawal from account, Cash withdrawal, Transfers from account, including online transfers
Transfers from savings account to other accounts of the same client in the Bank
Free of charge
Transfers from savings account to other accounts
According to bank account tariffs and conditions
Interest rate: Annual nominal interest rate
AMD - 1.50%, USD - 0%, EUR - 0%
Interest rate: Annual percentage yield
AMD - 1,50%, USD - 0%, EUR - 0%
Interest calculation
Interest rate is calculated on daily balance of the account unless otherwise provided by the agreement. If the account balance as of the given day is less than 50,000 AMD, 100 USD, 100 EUR, no interest shall be calculated as of the given day.
Account maintenance/servicing
Free of charge
Account closure
Free of charge
A saving account is opened for an indefinite term.
The interest rate is calculated towards the daily balance unless otherwise stipulated by the agreement.
Saving accounts can be opened in AMD, USD and EUR free of charge .
A saving account can be opened within several seconds through the Idram&IDBank application, online platform.
Following are the types of operations through saving accounts:
- Account replenishment
cash deposit, transfers from other accounts, including through online bank transfers,
- Account withdrawal
cash withdrawal, transfers from the account, as well as online transfers.
Saving accounts are intended for physical entities.
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