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Escrou accounts

Escrou accounts

Your guarantee for secure transactions


Escrou accounts

Escrow account

Make your trading transactions more secure by using IDBank escrow accounts. The escrow account credits the amount mentioned for the purchase of goods, services, movable property or real estate or a part of the mentioned amount as a guarantee of the transaction. The commission varies in the range of 0.2% - 20,000-500,000 AMD. Thanks to escrow, the transaction becomes more secure for both the buyer and the seller.


Available for everyone
For physical persons and legal entities
Choice of currency
The account is available in AMD and foreign currency
Safe transactions
Transactions are safe for both parties

Special offer

Open your current bank account for a variety of transactions. Open an account online with platform or Idram&IDBank application, and get it for free. Opening an account in the Bank branches costs AMD 3000. You can also make free instant transfers from your current account to other IDBank accounts online.

Escrou accounts - Special offers
Client group
Physical and legal entity clients
Account opening
Free of charge
Service fee
In the amount of 0.2% of the amounted deposited to the account, with minimum fee set as 20,000 AMD and maximum fee set as 500,000 AMD. In case of transactions exceeding 250 million AMD or equivalent in other currency the commission is charged according to the agreement.
Account currency
AMD and other acceptable currency for the Bank
Minimum amount of transactions through the account
Not specified
Maximum amount of transactions through the account
Conditioned by transaction requirements
Cash deposit to account
According to bank account tariffs and conditions
Types of operations through the account
Account replenishment / The amount or parts of the amount defined for acquisition of the goods, service, movable or immovable property as a guarantee of the transaction. / Cash deposit / Transfers from other accounts, including online transfers / Through bank transfers / Account withdrawal / Cash withdrawal / Transfers from account, including online transfers
Provision of reference on the account
Free of charge
Annual nominal interest rate
0% (annual percentage yield equals to 0%)
Change of terms
While making changes to the terms of the agreement the account holder is charged 10,000 AMD for making each additional agreement.
Account closure
Free of charge
Required documents
147.88 KB
Escrow accounts are opened for the following purposes:
• Acquisition of real estate
• Acquisition of movable property;
• Acquisition of company ownership right;
• other transactions.
The service fee is 0.2% of the amount credited to the account, the minimum is 20,000 AMD, the maximum is 500,000 AMD. In case of transactions exceeding the amount of 250 million AMD or the equal amount in another currency, the commission fee is contractual.
Escrow account can be opened in AMD and  in other currencies acceptable for the Bank.
Escrow account includes:
• Opening an escrow account in the bank for the client;
• Deposit /freezing of funds/ of the client's funds on escrow account,
• Documentary confirmation of fulfillment of obligations;
• Opening and maintaining current accounts for the parties to the transaction;
• Escrow payment.
The bank pays the amount to the party specified in the contract in case of submission of documentary evidence of fulfillment of obligations. If one of the parties to the contract does not fulfill its obligations on time or does not fulfill them properly, the amount of the escrow account is returned to the party who entered the amount.
An escrow account is a special bank account designed to secure the sale and purchase of goods/services.
You can find out the details on the Bank's website, and in case of questions you need to approach any branch of the Bank or call the Bank's call center at (+37410) 593333, (+37460) 273333.
Individuals and legal entities can be clients with Escrow accounts.
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