Get a credit and a credit line by receiving your salary with IDBank card.

Interest rate
Repayment term
Up to 60 months
Loan maximum amount
Up to 10,000,000 ֏



Profi loans and credit lines

Get your salary with IDBank card and you will be able to use Profi loan or credit line.
The loan is provided to those individual customers who will receive their salary within a maximum of one month after the card is issued.
If you repay the spent amount by the 15th of the following month, you do not pay any interest; after that the annual nominal interest rate for each day shall be applied.


Loans with special conditions

0% commission
The loan is provided without any commissions
High limit
Maximum loan amount is 10.000.000 AMD
Low interest rate
Interest rate is lower than for the other credit lines - 14-17% only
Up to 45 days grace period
Use the amount free of interest up to the 15th day of the following month.

Choose a loan

Loan ammount

You need to choose the loan amount you prefer from the scale below.

Loan term, months

You need to choose the loan term that you prefer from the scale below.

12 months 60 months
Payment method

fixed monthly installments, where the monthly payment throughout the repayment period remains the same and consists of a portion of loan and a portion of interest.

This calculation is informative character and can be changed.

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Online approval
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0 documenting
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0% commission
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Special offer

IDsalary salary package

You choose where to receive your salary from. Receive your salary through IDBank and use the preferential terms of IDsalary package. Receive the Mastercard Standard card free of charge or the Visa Gold premium class card at 50% discount. Salary packages enable you to use the Rocket Line digital installment plan as well as receive more preferential terms for mortgage and other loans.

Profi - Special offers
Individual customers who receive or intend to receive their salary within a maximum of one month after the issuance of the card in the Bank, regardless of the existence of a cooperation agreement with the organization and the type of organization.
Loan type:
Loan, Credit line
Minimum limit:
320,000 RA Drams
Maximum limit/amount
Loan: Ten timesTen times1 of the net salary, AMD 10,000,000 maximum / Credit Line: Six times of the net salary, AMD 6,000,000 maximum
Annual nominal interest rate
Loan: 14-17%

Credit Line: 14-17%
Actual annual interest rate*
Loan: 14.95% -18.39%

Credit Line: 14.95% - 19.78%

* - Under these conditions, the actual annual interest rate is calculated taking into account the payment card rates provided within the IDSalary package. In case of obtaining a loan/credit line with another payment card, the actual interest rates may be changed.
Minimum period:
12 months
Maximum period
Loan: 60 months / Credit Line : 36 months
Mode of loan providing
Loan: Non-cash via current account or payment card / Credit Line: Non-cash via payment card
Loan repayment method:
Annuity in equal parts per month
Credit line monthly minimum repayment amount:
Not defined
Credit line repayment grace period:
Up to 45 days.No interest is accrued on the used non-cash credit line amounts during the previous month (except for card-to-card transfers, intra-bank and interbank transfers in the territory of the Republic of Armenia and through own accounts), in case the customer repays the used part of the credit line by the 15th day of the current month
Interest rate accrued on the unused part of the credit line:
Cash flow
Total debt liabilities calculated for the borrower (average monthly / net income) average monthly ratio (DTI ratio)5:
Loan application review fee:
Not defined
Loan/credit line providing and monthly service fees:
Not defined
Account opening fee:
According to the tariffs of the Bank, with the following link: Tariffs
Daily penalty amounts for overdue loan liabilities (including interest amounts):
Early repayment penalty:
Not defined
An individual, RA residen
Age restriction:
The age of the borrower as of the date of loan application should not be less than 21 years, and should not exceed 65 years by the loan repayment final date.
Credit history requirement (positive credit history)
a) As of the filing date of the loan application, the borrower should not have overdue/classified liabilities (loan, credit line, overdraft, guarantee, etc.),

b) the total number of days for overdue liabilities of the borrower during the year preceding the day of receipt of the application (365 days) shall not exceed 30 days, or

c) Lack of credit history

d) the customer must not be included in the list of unwanted customers of the Bank
Positive factors for providing the credit line:
1) Positive credit history, 2) cash flows
Credit line rejection factors:
1) Negative credit history, 2) Information about the customer that casts doubt on the information provided/announced by the customer to the Bank, 3) Customer information that casts doubt on loan repayment, 4) Insufficient level of cash flow, 5) Absence of customer's e-mail, 6) Other factors.
Maximum decision-making time:
Maximum 1 business day after submitting all the required documents to the Bank
Deadline for notification of the decision:
Maximum 1 business day after the decision is made. The Bank may inform the customer about the decision on providing the loan in the Bank's premises or by phone or by e-mail message.
Maximum validity period of the decision:
15 business days. In accordance with the grounds mentioned in paragraph 25 of these Terms, the Bank is entitled not to provide the approved loan during the validity of its decision.
Term of loan disbursement to the borrower:
On the day the credit line agreement is signed
Place of receiving, applying for and providing a loan application:
All branches of the bank
Information regarding credit history and credit score
You can learn about the importance of credit history and credit score here․

Details via and links.
Required documents
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Apply now

Up to 60 months repayment period
Up to AMD 10,000.00 loan amount

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