ArCa card

Use the ArCa card on the RA territory for convenient transactions

ArCa card
Card currency
֏, $, €, ₽
Annual service fee
1,500 ֏
Validity term
2 years


ArCa card

ArCa Classic

Use this convenient and affordable card for payments on the RA territory. ArCa is an Armenian unified system which allows you to make payments and cash money through local banks. ArCa Classic card is issued in a very short time, you can receive it within 2 business days after submission of the card application. The annual service fee of the card in IDBank is AMD 1500.

The advantages of your card

Affordable service
Annual service fee as low as AMD 1500.
ArCa payment system
The system is all Armenian.

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Compare products

ArCa card
ArCa card
Annual service fee as low as AMD 1500.
The system is all Armenian.
Order the card by simply filling out the online application
The card is provided and serviced free of charge
Cash withdrawal from IDBank ATMs points is free
The money is transferred to the card without visiting the bank by phone
Order the card by simply filling out the online application

Special offer

Rocket Line and Rocket Line 0%

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ArCa card - Special offers
Card currency
Armenian dram, EUR, US dollar, Russian RUB
Card issuance within 2-5 business days
Validity term
2 years
Urgent issuance (within 1 business day)
5,000 AMD
Annual card account service fee
AMD 1,500
Card account minimum balance
Not specified
Annual simple interest rate calculated against card account balance
Annual simple interest rate: 0%

Annual percentage yield: 0%
Issuance of duplicate card in case the card or the PIN code is damaged, or is invalid , stolen or for the same validity period
AMD 1,000
Re-issuance of expired card
Card blocking
Card unblocking
Keeping the card in the international STOP list (for 7 days period in one region)
10,000 AMD
Providing monthly statement from the card account at the Bank, through post or e-mail
Providing additional statement from the card account at the Bank, through post 3 or e-mail
1,000 AMD
Fee for each SMS
AMD 15
Fee for each PUSH notification
Free of charge
Providing additional card
Annual service fee for additional card
1,000 AMD
Replenishment of cardaccount
according to the tariff set by the Bank for the given day
Cash withdrawal fee (from the Bank’s ATMs)
Cash withdrawal fee (from the Bank’s cash withdrawal points, POS terminals)
according to the tariff set by the Bank for the given day
Cash withdrawal from the Bank’s cash withdrawal points, without the use of the card
According to the fees established for cash withdrawal from withdrawal points (POS terminals) for each card type
Cash withdrawal from ArCa system other banks’ cash withdrawal points
Fee for card to card transfer (through ATMs and virtual card)
Through ATMs and through the ArCa application: 0.5%.

In case of transfers via and Idram platforms from card accounts of the synchronized cardholders of the Bank to ArCa system members’ cards:

0.5%. In case of transfers via and Idram platforms from card accounts of the synchronized cardholders of the Bank to the cards of the Bank: Free
Fee for non-cash transactions
Daily cash withdrawal limit
AMD 500,000,

USD/ EUR 1,000,

RUB 50,000
Limit for cash withdrawal transactions per day
Fee for temporary or permanent change of the limit
AMD 1,000
Closing of the card account and card return

Tariff archive

Tariffs effective from 23/12/21
277.68 KB
ArCa card required documents
69.77 KB
In order to replace, reissue the card it is necessary to visit the closest IDBank branch with an identity document and fill in the card replacement/reissuance application. Card reissuance application should be submitted in case of loss, theft of the card, or when the card details become available to third parties, or in case of any suspicious transaction.
The cards are provided in AMD, USD, EUR, RUB currencies. The card operation term is 2 years.
Yes, you can order the card you prefer from IDBank's official website which will be delivered to the address you mention or will be transferred to your preferred branch of the Bank.
Yes, it is safe to use the payment cards since all the security systems complying with international standards are developed and introduced. In the meantime it is necessary that the client also follows the safety rules. The card's PIN code as well as the CVV/CVC code should be kept confidential, and in case of violation or suspicion of violation of safety rules, it is necessary to immediately apply to the Bank.
Notification of transactions on IDBank cards is possible in two ways:
- Free PUSH-notifications directly through the Idram&IDBank app
- paid SMS
The cost of SMS is AMD 15. Inside the application, it is possible to independently define the minimum limit of transactions for which notifications will be sent.
Arca Classic cards are cards of local payment system which are provided to resident and non-resident entities. Moreover, the Bank's cardholder can be a physical entity over 14 (fourteen) years old.

Order online

The card is available in ֏ $ € ₽
Available within 2-5 banking days
Urgent issue in 1 banking day

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