“The power of one dram” sums up the results of the next program and announces the name of the next beneficiary.

IDBank and Idram summed up the next program of “The power of one dram” initiative and transferred AMD 6,962,504 to the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center. The amount was gathered thanks to the clients of the companies who have been making payments via Idram, IDBanking.am online platform and the terminals of two companies, and for each payment the companies were transferring 1 dram to the Rehabilitation Center.

“I’m happy to mention that the number monthly payments via mentioned systems has increased, and this means that our clients understand that they are a part of charity, and the more they make payments via Idram, the bigger will be the amount to be transferred to an initiative”, said Gor Amiryan, the head of marketing unit of Idram company.

As Tatevik Vardevanyan, the head of communications unit of IDBank said, in the post-war period, when the homeland defenders are at the focus of our society, IDBank and Idram continue supporting the wounded servicemen, taking the tendency to provide healthy and decent future for the homeland defenders as a basis of the CSR programs.  “We have already cooperated with charity foundation “VIVA - Doctors and Volunteers for Armenia”, which was supporting Artsakh during war and post-war period, by providing trainings for doctors, medical equipment and the necessary treatment for wounded servicemen. During the next 3 months all “The Power of one dram” will be directed to “VIVA” foundation. We hope that our users will make payments more actively, so that on May 31 we can support our servicemen in a better way”, mentioned Tatevik Vardevanyan.

Tatyana Hovhannisyan, the Chairman of “VIVA” foundation told about the programs of the fund and mentioned that at the moment, our servicemen who have received eye injuries are being treated in the best medical centers of Moscow. “ Since the possibilities of eye prosthetics and other surgery are limited in Armenia, we carry out treatment and examination of the wounded in Moscow. Moreover, at this moment we have already launched the program according to which medical specialists from Moscow arrive in Armenia and Artsakh to provide the necessary assistance to the wounded servicemen. Visits of our doctors will be regular, but we also don’t stop the trainings of doctors from Armenia and Artsakh in Russia, by paying special attention to the border areas. We are very happy that during the next 3 months the initiative of “The power of one dram” will be directed to support our foundation. I’m an Idram user, and every time I make a payment I’m happy that the companies transfer one dram on behalf of me”, said Tatyana Hovhannisyan.

The power of one dram” initiative has already become known and loved by the clients of the Bank and Idram. From the very beginning with different initiatives - to purchase computers for children, to the All-Armenian and 1000+ funds, as well as to the Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center more than AMD 18 million was transferred.

It was mentioned that everyone can contribute so that a bigger amount can be transferred to the beneficiaries of the initiative “The power of one dram”, just by making all payments via Idram, IDBanking.am online platform or terminals of the companies.

Through Idram&IDBank application it is possible to make payments at more than 4500 points of sale and more than 400 online shops. You can find the entire list of the partners here.
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