Do not become a victim of fraudsters

On Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram and other social platforms or at website:

• You have received an attractive job offer to easily earn money, for example, $50-$300 in 1 day,

• You have become a lucky winner of one of the Facebook raffles,

• One of your friends wrote a message on Messenger to urgently help him with money,

• You were offered to buy crypto currency with the promise of high returns,

• You posted an ad on, and a "potential" buyer contacted you via Whatsapp or another application, often without even seeing the product, offered to send you a fake link to or another similar site in order to transfer the money to a bank card and arrange delivery


The offer is attractive or you have no doubt that it is real and:

• You register card details to receive the pretended win or reward, or

• You make a card transfer to a "friend" who asked you for help via Messenger, or

• In order to receive the amount of the product sold by you on the website, you follow the link sent to you and fill in the complete data of your bank card.

As a result, you lose your financial resources and become a victim of fraud.


Always remember:

1.     In order to receive a transfer to the card, it is enough to provide only the card number, it is never required to go through a link and fill in:

• CVV code written on the reverse side of the card,

• Card validity period,

• A one-time verification code sent to a mobile phone number

2.     Call the friend to verify if the request for money is genuine.

3.     Beware of buying crypto currency from unlicensed providers.

If the card data has become known to other people, then immediately call "ID Bank" CJSC by 24/7 telephone number (+374 10) 59 33 33 in order to block your card.


Let's prevent the spread of fraud together.

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