IDBank is placing the first USD bonds of 2021 through a public offer

On January 22 of this year, IDBank will issue bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2CER7. The total volume of the nominal coupon bonds of the first issue of 2021 is USD 5 million. The maturity of the bonds is 30 months, the annual coupon interest rate is 5%, and the coupons should be paid quarterly.

The bonds will be placed starting from January 22, 2021 to April 21, 2021, after which they will be listed in OJSC “Armenian Stock Exchange” and will be quoted by the Marketmaker.


To get bonds it is necessary to fill in the form and present it to the Bank, then the bonds will immediately become visible in Idram&IDBank application. To view the bonds, it is necessary to enter the “Banking” section in Idram&IDBank application, choose the “Bonds” section where all necessary information about the bonds is presented: the abbreviation, quantity, nominal value, annual coupon interest rate, payout date and the date of redemption. This means that the clients will have an opportunity to manage their funds in a more flexible way.

You can get the detailed information about the bonds here.

The funds attracted by means of nominal bonds are considered to be guaranteed bank deposits and are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Armenia.

The Bond prospectus was registered by the CBA, resolution N 1/291A of the Chairman of the CBA. The electronic version of the prospectus and the final terms of issue are available on the official website of the Bank.

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