IDsalary and IDsalary+. You choose from where to receive your salary.

IDBank launches new salary packages․ Start receiving your salary with IDBank and you will get an opportunity to use a number of services of IDBank on privileged conditions.

  • Mastercard Standard or Visa Gold cards with profitable conditions for service
  • Cash out from IDBank ATM’s without commission fee,
  • Privileged annual nominal interest rate for the loans and credit lines,
  • 20% discount for Bank safe deposit boxes and much more.

“When joining IDsalary+ package, in addition to the privileges mentioned, the customers will get another advantage: the package includes financial insurance. This means that the customers get one-time financial support in cases of unemployment, loss of ability to work and other critical cases. Insurance terms in accordance with the conditions set by the insurance company” - they mentioned in the Bank.

To join IDsalary and IDsalary+ packages, it is necessary:

  • To apply via Call center or at the Bank branch,
  • Receive your preferred card of IDBank

Provide the card details to your Accounting Department and receive your salary in IDBank by taking advantage from wide opportunities of the salary package.
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