It is already possible to make payments with IDBank cards via Apple Pay

So, Apple Pay is a modern tool available in Apple devices - iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac. Apple Pay replaces your physical card, making exactly the same actions as plastic payment cards. It is fast, secure, protects against possible fraud, does not store your card details and does not provide them to third parties, prevents unnecessary contacts.

With Apple Pay, IDBank card payments become faster and safer. What do you need to make a payment with Apple Pay? First of all, to activate the service, you just need to enter the Wallet application. It is already installed on your iPhone and there is no need to download an additional app.

After that, you need to click on the "+" button in the application. Click "Continue" and then scan your IDBank card or enter the card details manually by adding your IDBank card.

There is another, faster way to attach your IDBank card to Apple Pay. You just need to enter the "Banking" section in the Idram&IDBank application, choose the necessary card, click on the "Add to Apple Pay" button. Check the card details, then agree to the terms of use. The system will verify the card by sending an identification code. Enter the code and you're done: your IDBank card has been successfully attached to Apple Pay.

To make a payment with Apple Pay, you just need to bring the device to POS terminals that accept contactless payments. Payment must be confirmed via Face ID or Touch ID, depending on the device model․ By the way, depending on the type of card, the amount of the payment and the specific POS terminal, in some cases, when making a payment, you may need also to enter your card's PIN code on the POS terminal. You can find a detailed description of the steps and the payment method for Apple Watch on our website.


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