No cash: new campaign of Idram and IDBank against cash

Idram, the leader of e-money in Armenia, together with IDBank, which continuously introduces innovative digital products to the market, declare war against cash by reminding about the relevance and advantages of non-touch and online payments.

From everyday shopping to electronic tips, from digital loan to online banking: these are only a few opportunities of e-money and benefits of Idram-IDBank business alliance. In the coming months in the frames of “No cash” campaign, via their official pages on social media and other channels the companies will present the advantages of e-money and tools offered over cash, they will tell about users and entrepreneurs who refused cash, they will work with famous artists of the town on the posters on “Cash crash”, which will be followed by an open competition on the same topic with a large prize fund.

Progressive countries have been pursuing a policy of minimizing the use of cash. In our country the pandemic has changed the picture in favor of non-cash payments, however, more than 50% of transactions are still made in cash, which deprives buyers of many benefits and hinders the process of transparency of the overall economic activity.

The Idram and IDBank business alliance, as a leading fintech digital platform, has created and offers all the necessary tools to provide the citizens with an opportunity to make safe and fast payments, and to provide the business with solutions to receive payments online and non-cash and to gather funds. Moreover, these solutions do not require any additional effort or investment in software or equipment.

Today on the whole territory of Armenia it is possible to make payments via Idram&IDBank application in more than 4400 points of sale, including supermarkets, pharmacies, service sector, in more than 400 online shops and for more than 300 services.

Idram urges to refuse cash, reminding once again that "Life is easy with Idram”.
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Information updated 30.09.2022 04:46
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