Stay home, make non-contact payments and transfers. The joint digital platform of IDBank and Idram is already a reality

“Stay home, make non-contact payments and transfers”, say Idram and IDBank and introduce to the market a complete and unique toolset in the field of personal finance management, that sets a new benchmark in the financial market. With the slogan Wallet and banking, the joint digital platform of the two companies offers a set of services, which means you can make all your daily financial transactions without leaving home, which is especially important in the present situation.


So, through the Idram app and platform it is possible to:


·         Become a platform customer online, by passing remote identification within seconds.

·         Take advantage of nearly a dozen of non-contact payment solutions with QR and NFC technology, which completely exclude the need for cash in general. You can now access over 2,000 sales-stores, including supermarkets, pharmacy and almost all online delivery and distribution networks, food and other stores of first necessity via the remote payment options.

·         To do shopping from more than 200 online stores through just a few simplest steps.

·         Make instant payments for over 250 services: utilities, telecommunications, taxes, loans, account replenishment and a number of other services.

  • Make car payments or sign car insurance contracts with any of the insurance companies.
  • Attach any bank card to Idram wallet and make transactions.
  • Make transfers without any commission, between Idram accounts, as well as from Idram to your Rocket card.
  • Get Cashback in case you make non-contact payments in our partner companies (See Partner List here).


  • Order a bank card directly from the app.
  • Open saving accounts, current accounts, also in foreign currency.
  • Get a loan up to 5,000,000 with a speed of a rocket, make loan repayments and Bank transfers within a few seconds.
  • Get money to your preferred bank account through one of the fast money transfer systems via a few simple actions.


When you make use of these services, a method of payment can be both wallet balance and any attached bank card, and if you are a customer of IDBank, also, any of your bank accounts.


# Stayhome: to take advantage of all the benefits of the digital platform you just need to download the app and go through remote identification.


“We have still announced the launch of the new open, joint digital platform last year, the first product of which was Rocket card. Wallet and banking is the next level of the development of that platform, the imperative of the time and the only way to meet the needs of our many customers. This is a one joint tool for all types of payment and financial services, which completely excludes the need to attend banks, contact with cash and the need to be physically involved in personal finance management. By the way, a few days ago we cancelled the commission fee for transfers made from Idram account to another Idram account, contributing also to the extra encouragement of non-cash transfers: this is one of the most convenient tools for transferring money to each other at present,” stated Arsen Kdenyan, one more time noting that Idram is open for such kind of cooperation with all the interested financial institutions.


IDBank's Director of Digital Banking, Sergey Arakelyan, noted it’s been a long time that the Bank's clients are making use of the banking services suggested by this platform, the list of which became more complete.

“If you need to order a card, get a loan or make a repayment, open a saving or current account, manage your accounts and get a number of other banking services, all of this is available anytime and anywhere through the Idram app and system making a few simplest steps. I can mention with pleasure and confidence that the format of our cooperation with Idram is the first successful experience of open banking in the Armenian market. In the framework of our partnership with IDBank, other good news is coming soon. I advise users of the platform to follow the updates to be the first to take advantage of the new benefits", said Sergey Arakelyan.

The joint digital platform of IDBank and Idram is thus the widest toolset for managing your personal finances.




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