Employees of Idram and IDBank Visited “Armenian Mothers” Charitable Fund

“Armenian Mothers” charitable fund was the beneficiary of “The Power of One Dram” initiative of Idram and IDBank in January. The companies donated AMD 3,665,972 to the fund due to the payments made by their clients.

According to Tatevik Vardevanyan, head of the communications unit of Idram and IDBank, this time they decided to transfer the money directly to the beneficiaries: one million out of 3.6 million “one drams” was transferred to 20 beneficiaries of the Armenian Mothers Fund as monetary support. “We decided to do it in a more pleasant way, through gift cards worth 50,000 drams on the idplus platform. Beneficiaries will be able to make payments with these gift cards wherever there is an opportunity to pay with Idram, and the number of these points already exceeds 20,000”, says Tatevik Vardevanyan.

The rest of the money gathered in the frames of the initiative, more than AMD 2.6 million, was directed to the Armenian Mothers Fund to provide rehabilitation treatment to children diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

As you know, one of the main directions of “The Power of One Dram” initiative is health care. “In this case, it is important for us to support children with cerebral palsy and their parents, because we realize that in addition to financial means, how much effort and inner strength is required from them to take care of their children's daily needs”, mentions Tatevik Vardevanyan.

According to Narine Manukyan, the founder of Armenian Mothers NGO, it’s already the second time children can receive free rehabilitation treatment with the support of “The Power of One Dram”. “During the most challenging times, Idram and IDBank are always by our side with their support. Social responsibility is the most important element, which, in my opinion, should be in all organizations,” says Narine Manukyan.

Over the years, “The Power of One Dram” initiative has supported more than 25 foundations and donated more than AMD 160 million. Every time you make a payment with the Idram&IDBank app, the online platforms and terminals of both companies, you become a goodwill ambassador of “The Power of One Dram”, because it is in exchange for your payments that the “one drams” are being transferred.

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