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Customers can make loan repayments any time within a month. Taking into consideration the current situation in the country with the spread of the new coronavirus, and taking care of our customers, IDBank has made a decision to give an opportunity to its physical entity customers to make their credit repayments the day preferred by them in the period from March 17 to April 17. If the customers do not make the repayments within the specified period, no penalties or fines will apply, the credit will not be classified and the borrower's credit history will not suffer. For legal entities whose activities are related to the hotel, restaurant, transport, entertainment sectors and who, due to coronavirus, will have problems with timely credit repayments, the Bank will come up with an individual approach. If there is any problem while making a loan repayment, we kindly ask our legal entities to contact us via, mentioning "Credit Repayment Delay" at the subject line of the letter, and describe the details of your insolvency condition in the letter. Our specialists will contact you. At the same time, clients who have financial entries and an opportunity to make repayments, are encouraged to fulfill their credit obligations in a timely manner, not to increase further credit burden, using remote services through platform, Idram app, as well as IDBanking 24/7 terminals, the list of which is available here. In order to prevent the virus, make payments in stores and service centers in a non-cash way, as the money in cash can be a source of virus transmission. The World Health Organization warns about this. You can also make use of the remote services of our partner organizations, such as TelCell, EasyPay, Mobidram payment terminals. However, the branches of the Bank operate on a regular schedule, and all the instructions of the Ministry of Health are strictly kept. Be healthy. IDBANK IS CONTROLLED BY THE CBA
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Information updated 10.03.2022 09:08
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