Dear customers,
In the post-war days, cases of extortion and fraudulent fundraising became more active on social networks. When transferring money, please pay attention to the following:
  1. It is necessary to call back the person who asks you about help. Even if they write to you from your friend’s or relative’s account, remember: it is possible that a third person has gained access to their accounts. During last days, it often happens that the swindlers act on behalf of our compatriots displaced from Artsakh or pretend to be volunteers who went to the front and ask for material help in social networks. Please make sure that you talk to a person who really needs help.
  2. Never send anyone your bank card details, mobile banking application or website login and password, don’t give access to your e-mail and never provide anyone with a verification code sent to your mobile number. If you have received a verification code but you didn’t make an inquiry, please contact IDBank or Idram.
  3. The number, copy or photo of your passport, bank card details or any other confidential information shouldn’t be uploaded to the websites and systems that never required such information. It is possible that the website is down and is not safe anymore.
  4. When donating to charitable funds or other fundraisers, check well the address of the website: this is necessary to avoid phishing. In cases like this, duplicates of popular websites are made, which do not look different from real websites, and only one letter can be changed in the address: extra caution will not interfere.
  5. Never allow anyone to transfer from your Idram wallet, bank card or online/mobile banking account on your behalf, even if you know that person. It is possible that he has some problems that you are not aware of.
Dear customers, we urge you to be as careful as possible in the issues of using your accounts, cards and e-wallets.
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Information updated 30.09.2022 04:46
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