“Compatriot”: a privileged package

In connection with the situation resulting from the forced resettlement of the Armenians of Artsakh, IDBank has created a privileged package of banking services developed specifically for our compatriots from Artsakh.

Considering the fact that our compatriots are facing severe problems as a result of Azerbaijan’s military actions in Artsakh, and after moving to Armenia they will need basic financial tools, the IDBank team has created a privileged package of banking services that will primarily satisfy the basic needs of our compatriots , forcibly displaced from Artsakh.

According to the Chairman of the Board of IDBank, Mher Abrahamyan, it was important for the Bank to support its compatriots in difficult times, including in terms of providing basic banking services. “This is the least we can do for our compatriots forcibly displaced from Artsakh. We hope that we can meet their basic needs by providing some services for free or with privileges,” says Mher Abrahamyan.

The Compatriot” package includes the following services:

-        any Visa Gold or MasterCard Gold card - free, no service fee, valid for three years,

-        0% commission for withdrawing cash from the specified cards at ATMs of IDBank and all member banks of the ArCa system, up to 1 million Armenian drams per month,

-        50% discount on servicing one additional currency card,

-        free SMS notifications about card transactions,

-        in case of making a deposit of AMD 19 million, saving the accumulated interest upon termination of the contract after 3 months,

-        provision of free safe deposit boxes for up to 30 days,

-        the ability to replenish and withdraw up to 19 million Armenian drams to dollar and ruble accounts without commission,

-        provision of free statements and certificates of accounts․


The package is provided to clients who have a passport issued in the Artsakh region (passport issued by 070) or whose registration address is in the Republic of Artsakh. Connection and maintenance of the package is completely free. The services included in the package can be changed and adapted according to the needs of clients.

To get acquainted with the details, you need to visit the official website of IDBank, and you can join the package by contacting the nearest IDBank branch. The operating hours of the branches can be found by following the link.


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