Easy traveling with Visa Premium Cards

Easy and smooth traveling with IDBank Visa Premium Cards

Journeys will become smoother and easier with IDBank Visa Premium Cards. While planning journeys in 2024 make clear beforehand what additional benefits you can get if you hold IDBank Visa Premium Cards:

While using Lounge Key the number of visits is as below:

  • For Visa Platinum cardholders: 1 visit per year, and IDBank Visa Travel cardholders will have 2 visits per year,
  • For Visa Signature cardholders 4 visits per year,
  • For Visa Infinite cardholders 6 visits per year.

Starting from March 4th of 2024, to have an unlimited access, Visa Platinum, Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cardholders should made a non-cash payment of at least $400 or its equivalent during the last 12 months.

You can get Fast Track service at Zvartnots airport with conditions below:

  • For Visa Platinum cardholders twice per year,
  • For Visa Signature cardholders 4 times per year,
  • For Visa Infinite cardholders 6 times per year. 

At Zvartnots airport you can enjoy free coffee in Segafredo café with the premium cards. To use this offer it is necessary to show your Visa Premium card for identification. Each Visa Premium cardholder can make use of this offer once during 24 hours. Cards that participate are:

  • Visa Platinum – twice per year,
  • Visa Signature – 4 times per year,
  • Visa Infinite – 6 times per year.

At Zvartnots airport for free packaging of the luggage the following quantities are used:

  • Visa Platinum – twice,
  • Visa Signature – 4 times,
  • Visa Infinite – 6 times.

You can read about all privileges provided to IDBank Visa Premium cardholders by following the link.

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