From student to employee : IDBank sums up the IDream program and announces the launch of the next phase
IDBank has summed up the next phase of IDream initiative. During the final event of the project, the participants were awarded certificates on the successful completion of the project.

Thanks to IDream - "I dream" program, all participants gain practical and theoretical vital knowledge in banking. During the program, students also get acquainted with the nuances and challenges of the sale of various products and customer service.

According to Mariana Edilyan, the Director of Human Capital Management of IDBank, the IDream program is an excellent opportunity for bachelor's degree students to enter the banking sector and take the first practical steps in their profession. "At this stage of IDream, 7 out of 11 participants have joined us”, said Edilyan.

According to the Chairman of the Board of the Bank Mher Abrahamyan, the Bank regularly implements quality student programs. "They are especially useful for students without work experience, as well as for beginners who want to gain additional practical skills”, Abrahamyan said.

35 out of 45 students who participated in the educational programs of the Bank have already started working at IDBank.
The Bank has announced the next, fifth stage of the student educational program. From October 25, the next group of students will start their two-month journey with IDBank, at the end of which the best of them will become members of IDBank's orange team.
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Information updated 10.03.2022 09:08
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