IDBank has got 13 new employees
The second phase of the project “Build Your Career with IDBank'' was summarized at IDBank. As a result of this project 13 participants got job offers. At the closing event on October 30, participants were awarded certificates, most of them got job offers and are now members of the IDBank team. According to Sona Manucharyan, Head of the Bank's HRM division, both the first and the second stages of the program were successful, and if the first stage was only for graduates with no work experience, this time we involved also former students who graduated during the last 5 years, but who had lack of work experience. “In the first phase we had a lot of applicants who didn't meet our requirements in part, but there were many who we would like to see in our team, so in the second phase we decided to broaden the scope and include both students and university graduates, with no work experience,” said Sona Manucharyan. The goal of the project "Build Your Career with IDBank" is to provide students with additional knowledge and experience, also solving the problem of finding a job. The courses are delivered at the level of the Bank's department and division managers, both individually and in groups, and involve key topics referring banks. IDBank's "Build Your Career with IDBank" project is a continuing one, and the third phase of the project will be announced soon. You can be informed about the news visiting the Bank's official website:, as well as social media platforms.
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