IDBank participated in the program “Financial Literacy and skills” implemented by the Union of Banks of Armenia
In the framework of the program "Financial Literacy and Skills" established by the Union of Banks of Armenia, IDBank held an interactive lecture on topic "Payment Cards, Their Applicability" in the English Park. Head of Digital Banking Department Hrachya Papikyan and Head of Marketing Department Tatevik Hovhannisyan, presented the types of payment cards to the students, the convenience of the usage of these cards in different cases, the market development trends in the world and in Armenia. A lottery was also organized for students. The winner received a special IDBank prize, and other representative packages were gifted to all students. According to the Head of Communications Department, Tatevik Vardevanyan, the Bank attaches great importance to education, which is one of the key areas of IDBank’s corporate social responsibility: “In general, finance is the field about which people need to have some knowledge: starting from personal budget planning to banking transactions: in the modern world, each of us, we want it or not, have to be involved in this field at some stages of our lives. It may seem it’s everybody’s business, whether he or she will understand what kind of transaction is made, whether this person will be able to plan exactly how to take a credit or to make a deposit, but this is not like that. IDBank’s interested to have informed customers, who ask right questions and receive right answers. In this framework IDBank, together with its specialists and resources, is ready to support the rise of financial education”, said Tatevik Vardevanyan and added that such kind of initiatives will continue. We remind that IDBank awarded 1 million AMD to 5 students to continue their education in the master’s degree, also, the second phase of the program “Build your career with IDBank” is currently implemented, which gives undergraduate students an opportunity to become an employee of the Bank after taking the 2 months training at the Bank. The Bank also joined the initiative of World Vision Armenia “Back to School”, which is aimed at providing essential school supplies to as many children as possible. THE BANK IS REGULATED BY THE CBA
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