IDBank prolongs the waiver process of  fines and penalties on unreliable loans for individuals
At the request of the customers, also considering the number of applications and understanding that customers need one more opportunity to improve their credit history, the Bank decided to continue the waiver process of penalties. According to IDBank Chairman of the Management board Mher Abrahamyan, the Bank has decided to concede clients who, due to certain objective reasons, have overdue credits and have not applied for cancellation of penalties. "For our customers, we are ready to concede those fines and penalties which were classified as unreliable until 31.05.2018 in case of conciliation with the bank or full repayment of the loan. Our clients have 6 months’ time to apply to the Bank and conclude a peace agreement, "Mher Abrahamyan said. Reminder: On July 3, 2018, IDBank announced a full cancellation of penalties on unreliable loans for individuals. Till now the Bank has already satisfied more than 1,200 applications for penalties cancellation, in case of full repayment of loans or conciliation with the Bank, resulting in the total amount of penalties exceeding AMD 850 million.
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Information updated 10.03.2022 09:08
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