IDBank’s 9th time issued bonds were listed on the stock exchange
IDBank’s 3rd issue of bonds of 2019 was listed on the “Armenian Securities Exchange’’ (AMX) being included in the secondary list of bonds (Bbond) and circulated under the abbreviation ANLBB9. The market maker will continuously carry out two-sided quotation, which will give an opportunity to investors to buy and sell them freely, to carry out targeted and repo transactions. The bonds have been issued on November 7, 2019, with a trade period of 2 years and 3 months, the coupon yield 9,5%, which will be paid quarterly. The total volume of allocated bonds is AMD 250 million. On November 7, 2019, the Bank issued also USD bonds, the placement of which is to be completed by January 31, 2020, during this period the bonds may be purchased from all the branches of IDBank.The total volume of the second tranche is USD 5 000 000, the coupon yield is 5%, which will be paid quarterly. At present two tranches of 10 million USD and one tranche of 250 million AMD bonds are listed on the stock exchange. Bonds are considered as bank deposit and guaranteed by the “Deposit Guarantee Fund of Armenia’’. The Bond Prospectus was registered at the Central Bank of Armenia by the decision of the CBA president by the decision 13/02/2019 N 1 / 93A. The electronic version of the Prospectus and the basic terms of issued bonds can be found on the official website of IDBank: The Bank is controlled by the CBA.
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