IDBank summed up the benevolent initiatives in Gyumri
IDBank’s representatives were in Gyumri to sum up the benevolent initiatives in the cultural capital. Under the auspices of IDBank and in the framework of the Project “Visibility” established by "AYO! Platform" of the Fund for Armenian Relief, all children between the age of 3-5, attending Gyumri state kindergartens will undergo a complete eye examination with the help of the latest equipment. "There are some eye diseases that can be prevented by early detection and consistent treatment. Therefore, we will tour the regions of Armenia and check the eyesight of children of the mentioned age. We started from Gyumri, which was fully funded by IDBank, ”said Laura Gevorgyan, FAR's “AYO! Platform” leader. “Attaching importance to the health of children and to the need of detecting certain diseases at this age, the Bank has decided to support FAR's “Visibility” program. In our opinion, it is very important to identify some health problems at an early age in order to prevent serious illnesses in the future. In this regard, IDBank places great emphasis on the health of young children within the framework of its corporate social responsibility programs. We cooperate with different foundations, which aim at helping children in difficult situations,” said Tatevik Vardevanyan, Head of the Communication department of IDBank. IDBank not only financed the Project: Children undergoing medical examinations were entertained by mockers and cartoon heroes, which made it easier for professionals to work. This is not the only project implemented by the Bank in Gyumri: With the support of IDBаnk, at the Gyumri branch of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, in the Department of Design and Decorative Applied Art a design laboratory was established, which was equipped with help of IDBank. 30 students from the Academy will specialize in ceramics in the Labaratory. A coterie for children aged from 6 to 16 will also be operated. “The establishment of the laboratory was very important for the Gyumri branch of the State Academy of Fine Arts. And the only way to serve this purpose was to keep up-to-date with upgrades, which was supported by IDBank. The lab is designed not only for students of the Academy of Fine Arts but also for school-aged children. Our goal is to instill love for art in their childhood,”said Vahagn Ghukasyan, Director of the Gyumri Branch of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia. “As you know, IDBank has a number of educational programs. This year 5 students received 1 Million AMD scholarship to continue their education in the Master's degree. We are also continuing the project "Build a Career with IDBank". Regarding our support to the Academy of Fine Arts, having intention to bring this educational institution to life, we have decided to support the renovation of the Design and Decorative Applied Art Laboratory and hope that both the graduates of the Academy and the children who get educated here, will reach great heights and will not only preserve the breath of Gyumri, but will also further decorate our cultural capital with their new works of art,”said Tatevik Vardevanyan. Within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility, IDBank has implemented a number of projects in 2019, which focused primarily on ensuring the smooth education process, as well as on addressing social and health issues for children.
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