IDpay: transfers from Armenia to Russia and vice versa

It is already possible to get transfers from Armenia via IDpay application, and the transfers from Russia have been improved and are unprecedentedly profitable now. For both cases it is necessary to know only the phone number of the recipient.

If initially money transfers from Russia to IDBank customers via IDpay mobile application were available to Russian citizens only, now RA citizens can take advantage of the service too. The principle is the same: it is necessary to pass remote identification with RA passport, attach your card of VISA, Mastercard or MIR systems of any of the Russian banks to IDpay application, and instantly replenish the cards/accounts of IDBank’s customers with unprecedentedly profitable conditions - only 0.5% commission fee from transfer amount.

It is only necessary to choose from your contacts or enter the recipient’s phone number which is attached to the IDBank account or card. IDBank customers can easily attach or change the phone number attached to their card or account anytime through “Accounts” department on online platform.

To transfer money from Armenia to Russia, more precisely from Idram&IDBank application to IDpay accounts, it is necessary to know only the recipients phone number, which is registered on IDpay application. Besides, for now it is necessary to have a RUR account in IDBank, which can be opened in a few seconds only. The commission fee for this service is also maximum profitable - only 0,9%. The recipient can transfer the money received on IDpay application to his Russian bank cards and manage it as needed.

As the digital banking director of IDBank, Sergey Arakelyan mentioned, when creating the service together with Russian partners, they have considered the main feedbacks from the customers. “The principle “Everything around the client and for him” works for this case too: from now on, the customers of IDBank have an opportunity not only to receive instant money transfers from Russia but also to transfer money to Russia. We say - “Faster than a call”, as IDpay is a technological, modern solution, which makes the space and distance invisible”, said Sergey Arakelyan.

The chief operating officer of “Universal payment technologies” company, Felix Khachatryan said, that the promised improvements will not take long and already today not only the citizens of Russia can pass identification and make transfers, but also the citizens of Armenia, and this will make the service more demanded.

IDpay operates on “Sovcombank” CJSC platform and is a joint project of Russian “Universal payment systems” company, Idram and IDBank.

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