After addressing the Ministry of Labor and Social Affair and passing through relevant formalities each unemployed mother can visit the Head Office or any branch of Anelik Bank, submit a passport, asocial security card and receive the maternity allowance in the defined amount. “Dear moms, I want to inform you that the opening and servicing of the bank account for receiving the allowance is free of charge. It is worth emphasizing that the maternity allowance and the one-off childbirth allowance are not the same, but in order to receive the latter you are welcome to Anelik Bank as well where our specialists will service you with great pleasure. It is worth reminding that in order to receive the one-off childbirth allowance a public support account will be opened in the Bank with 12% of annual interest being accrued on the balance”, stated Astghik Martirosyan, PR officer of Anelik Bank, adding, that the maternity allowance provided by the state amounts to 126.645 AMD.
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