The amount of compensation for bank deposits of individuals has been increased
The guarantee amount for AMD deposits for individuals has been increased to 16 million AMD instead of the current 10 million AMD.
The new limits will enter into force on December 1, 2020, and will apply also to the deposit agreements in force at that time.

1. If you have a deposit only in AMD, the guaranteed deposit amount will AMD 16 million.
2. If you have a deposit in an insolvent bank only in foreign currency, the guaranteed deposit amount is AMD 7 million.
3. If you have a deposit in AMD and a foreign currency, and the deposit in AMD is more than AMD 7 million, then only the AMD deposit shall be guaranteed up to the amount of AMD 16 million.
4. If you have deposits both in AMD and foreign currency and your AMD deposit is less than AMD 7 million, the deposit in Armenian drams shall be guaranteed in full while the deposit in foreign currency shall the guaranteed at the amount of the difference between the AMD 7 million and reimbursed AMD bank deposit.

Note: All AMD deposits in the same bank shall be considered one deposit, and all foreign currency deposits shall be considered one deposit. If you have more than one deposits in different banks operating in RA, then all deposits will be guaranteed separately in each Bank by maximum limit.
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Information updated 30.09.2022 04:46
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